Minipost: Wednesday raiding - No more Tortos for another fortnight woot!

Raked's computer is working, Roshii's computer is working... WOO! We are ready to raid!

We decided to take Xynzelle for his first raid in AAAGES.  I think he was excited to raid - but maybe a little embarrassed about his DPS.  I sat out for Jin'rokh and Horridon, and came back for Council and shitty turtle Tortos.

Xyn managed to pick up two loots.  And a thunderforged staff dropped from Horridon which every caster wanted but Lush was the lucky one with the most DKP so he won it.  No melee on that fight meant poisons were going out willy nilly - ugh!

Council was bad at first, spirit was getting through a lot!  But once we got that controlled it was better.  I dunno if ranged was getting lazy or whether it was because Asys wasn't slowing it and so I changed a spec to get the slowing faerie fire but I was so busy healing I hardly had time to find the spirit to slow it.

In the end we got it, and it was all good.  Xyn stepped out after that for Moo so we could do Tortos.  Souglyy and Sev were kicking and after a few goes they got the hang of it.  Sev was rather pleased with himself, and when Raked said this was his last go.. wouldn't you know, we got it down.

So yay!  No more Tortos for another 2 weeks!  So tonight I hope it goes well, and we can get to Durumu and then have some goes on Primordius which I hear is not too hard, and even easy to get the achievement.


  1. Tortos went so well last night!

    Hopefully tonight will be as successful!

    1. It wasn't too bad! Hopefully we get to Primordius on Monday :)

  2. Still love living vicariously through your raiding adventures!

    1. How as your holiday? Gosh reading my crappy adventures while you're on holiday.... :D I feel honoured!

    2. It is still happening...the poor gnome I am traveling with has had a grand time...hopefully I'll have a chance to post Day 6 of the chronicles tonight


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