Minipost: Thursday raiding - Will Raked ever tank Durumu?

Perhaps it's a ploy.  Raked had to go pick up Mrs Raked and so he had to leave raid at 2230, but we got Megaera and Chicken down by 2215 so he left after that and we got Sev to tank on his monk for Durumu.

Monks are still squishy, no matter who plays them.

I made a stuff up with the azure fog and accidentally revealed it.  Souglyy did as well, but she didn't realise it was there as the blue marker from the previous attempt was up (though Lush was saying not to move but she might have him muted LOL).

Sabre got blasted off, and so did Sev, which was kinda funny.  I ran around with the red too fast for the melee's liking, but hopefully on Monday it will be all good and we can get some attempts on Primordius in.

It was a tank loot night, with Raked picking up Tier legs and some nice shoulders, and Asys picking up his first loot - a cloak.

Lush was healing because Bish wasn't there.  I felt bad because I kept forgetting to lay mushrooms for Megaera and when I was placing them Sabre died because I didn't heal him fast enough.  I also didn't get my 2nd tranq off, so OMG I was BOTTOM of the heals /shamefaced.  But that was our first one shot of Megaera, which hopefully will become the norm now.

Ji-Kun was pretty clean as well.  We had difficulty with the 3rd quills because no cooldown was up, and when we tried to get the tanks to throw a tranq it was no good because they had the debuffs on and their health took a smashing when they popped out to tranq and they would die.  However, with Lush and me having enough mushrooms to lay around and Moo using his cooldown, health actually came up a lot during that last quills so we got the boss down after that.  Phew.  The one round of bottom nests with a burn following that seems to work well but man there are a lot of pools!


  1. I think I was out of range of heals a lot on Durumu. I need to work on that. DPS can't do that! As a healer I was never out of range of heals!

    1. Just come closer to the middle then we can reach you ;)


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