Minipost: Monday raiding - looking at Iron Qon

We spent the night doing Iron Qon, and though we made some progress we are not near a kill and the group would like to reset and start again on Wednesday so we'll have to work our way back to it.

We made our groups and it took a bit of fiddling to get when to move in and out and heals sorted - we put a healer in each group - and it was interesting because there was NO melee.  Roshii and Moo both weren't in raid so we were caster heavy which was good.  At first we were cycling with each group, but Disco said why don't each group take 2 each so the debuff drops off, and the tanks said they could take 4 stacks.  Aza took hardly any damage compared to us so he was moved to the tank group and Disco was allowed to not stack and just heal.  That worked rather well.

The whirlwind phase I still suck at, so I was lazy and clicked the portal to get out.  Lushnek admonished me and demonstrated how easy it was to do in travel form, but I remember how bad I was at Alysrazor back in Firelands days.

Poor Luxy was not feeling the healer love, I think it made her rather sadfaced.  She went splat a lot.

Bish had a new Razer Naga but he was still getting used to the button positions and so he was having some FUN times healing - or rather not healing :P

I had another dodo moment - I was standing around looking for the spear, and lo and behold my big fat ass was on it, no wonder I couldn't see it.  Aza said that it's not unusual for me to be so... spazz.

Raked was sick again so he was being medicated and was tired still, so we called it a few minutes early, but I think we were happy with our attempts overall, since we did get to the shield phase.

Ah well, another 2 weeks before we see that again!  Oh man, I am SO not looking forward to turtle this week.


  1. You didn't tell everyone about your amazing displaced beast jump through the lava lines!! That was cool.

    - Aza

    1. I am glad you liked it :) maybe you don't ALWAYS think I'm totally raid unaware :)

  2. Navi, don't forget about stampeding roar! We found it helps out quite a bit.

    But agreed those tornados are annoying >< especially the reduced healing while in the tornado field...

    I know Arv loves those much he played in them! :P


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