Minipost: Monday raiding - Almost... not quite

Raked had man flu and he sounded sick as a dog.  So I told him he could take the night off, and then we wouldn't have to sit anyone out as Disco was running late and he would be the 11th.

So Lush got onto his monk to tank up, and he was tanking Magaera with Asys.  Gulp.  2 new tanks on a boss neither had done before.

We started off poorly but we slowly made progress to the last heads.  Each wipe brought us closer as we had to get used to new tanks, having to heal them more,and fixing our rotations.  I think DPS was a little lower than usual because the tanks were taking TONS of damage - Lush's monk was at 60k dmg per second and I struggled to keep him alive.  And we had a little bit of confusion at the start about which head order we were doing.

Unfortunately for Bish I had to force him to go Disc so we could save our mana a bit.  Unfortunately for Bish it meant HIS mana was getting eaten up.  Hopefully that will make him use his Hymn for us! /grin

I STILL make the dumb mistake of jumping off the cliff to my death when running back.  GET OFF YOUR BIKE NAVI AND GET IN CAT FORM /slaps head

Come Wednesday we will be extending and Raked will be there so hopefully make our job a little easier.  Sev was lagging as well - that did NOT help on DPS on the heads at all.  I think I like this three day raid week.  I like having Sundays off - now they will probably be sucked up with tournament.


  1. Seeing Bish's bubbles made me miss my priest!

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    1. o.O is Man Flu an aussie thing?

      Man Flu is the term for when males have the 'flu or a cold. The Man Flu is worse than an ordinary cold. Men cannot do anything when they have Man Flu. Because men are always more sick when they have the flu than women...

      basically it's just us poking fun at when men get sick it's the end of the world and when women get sick we just have to keep going...

  3. You know, if you compare the stats to the previous kill, this raids DTPS was considerably lower. HPS & DPS were close to the same.

    1. After tonight I know what the problem was. Healing :)


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