How Arena Tournament turns me into a PvP noob

Disco was talking about being on the tournament realm and I was itching to go.  Shab had dead net so me and Sev couldn't play over there anyway, but by Sunday it was fixed and he and I got onto the Tournament realm.

I don't like the look of the Season 13 set.  Looking at it on the login screen makes me sad.

I login and set my glyphs and talents and tried to remember how I set up my bars.  It's nice with no professions or other things so your whole bar can be set for PvP.  I said to Shab, let's duel.

He smashed me in 10 seconds.  He frost nova'd me and I couldn't shift out - hm weird (it should have clicked) and I realised I didn't have barkskin on my bar for hotkey /facepalm.

"Oww, that hurt," I said.  "And I forgot barkskin."

"Did you gem and enchant?" asked Shab.

Oh.  Oops, I didn't.

Back in I went and started getting the gems and thinking how silly I was.  Then I looked at my gear.  I was in Wyrmhide gear (boomkin)!  Well, that was annoying!  So I went and bought my full set and gemmed and enchanted and thought I was ready to go.

Sev logged on and he was fully set up, so we decided to queue for a game.

Once we got into a game, I realised what else wasn't on my bars - my healthstone.  We got smashed by the team and I also realised that I didn't have dispellable stuff showing on my healbot.  So we fixed that up.  We played a few more games, did a few more duels, to get the hang of it all.  I duelled a Sev and Shab, practiced my displacer beast+roar+cyclone which was failing against Sev because his pet was silencing me.  It worked on Shab but I overshot him a lot.  I duelled a DK and a warrior as well but after a few minutes it was getting boring or our queue popped so we went into our arenas.

A few more buttons are not where I liked them.  I couldn't find warstomp.  So I ended up taking a pic of my PvP placement on Navimie and putting them pretty much in the same place on the tourney one.  That felt a bit better and bit more like home.

One of the cool things is that you have ALL the mounts on Tournament.  We had great fun playing with Sky Claw.

Sev was hopping in it, and I took him up high and dropped him, but he had a parachute - aww no fun!  Then Shab went up with his Sky Claw and found that Sev could just hop onto it there.  That was cool.

So we went back to live because we wanted to try for some rating, and it was TOUGH.  We thought we'd be farming noobs and stuff at 0 rating but it looked like we were dumped in the higher ranked teams.  What a shame!

Then the other stupid thing was that I was stuck at 1294/2000 conquest points.  We won a game even and I was still stuck.  I relogged, wondering if it was anything weird... no.  Won another game and still wouldn't budge. I complained about it to my teammates.  Shab said "Uhh.... are you conquest capped, Navi?"

Oh.My.God. /facepalm

What a waste of points!  I ran off and spent some points but that sucked big time.  Not that I have anything I can do with all my conquest anyway now, except DE for shards.

We had some good games last night.  Didn't seem to be many teams playing though - we seemed to get the same teams a lot.  There was a restodruid/mage/shadowpriest group, and the hunter/warrior/restodruid group that we beat a few times and a few times they got us.  I think we at least beat them more than they beat us.  Sometimes we were just not quite fast enough on the warrior and he'd smash someone.  The poor hunter was our usual focus.  There was one group with a paladin whom the guys opened up with heavy burst and CD burning but didn't budge his health one bit.  Then there was another game where vent was lagging for Sev with me and we lost that one because we couldn't coordinate heals or peels.  One of the best games was when I had died and the two boys finished off the last two on the team as well.  I think that it was a healer and a DPS remaining. I was cheering them on but wished to hell I wasn't so goddamn squishy!

Anyway, wish us luck on tournament!  This time we're going for the title!


  1. I was a bit upset the tournament realm is bugged to set warlocks at 60% mount speed - that's a fairly big disadvantage when you are trying to get your portal set up in the early arena phases.

    Doesn't look like blizz is going to fix it though, as the season has already started :/

    1. Oh wow, that is poopy.

      Good luck to you guys! I hope we never come up against each other!

  2. Hopefully queue times drop significantly in tournament realm. 4 minute queues suck. Maybe we should sus out what it's like this weekend during the day.

    1. I can't really get on during the day but maybe I can play a bit earlier... not sure.

  3. I just feel for poor Luxy and Disco. Not only do they have me on their team, but Disco also insisted that I try Warlock! I haven't played one since Cata, and back then I was without a doubt the worst 'lock ever. We have had a few wins though; mostly because there seems to be some teams out there with even bigger noobs on it than me.

    Good luck, and I second Luxy's sentiments that I hope we never come up against each other :)

    1. I don't think I could arena except with my own tooon as I don't know how to play anything else!


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