Challenge Mode Noobs - A Silver in Niuzao Temple and Scarlet Halls

Last week we decided we would try for Niuzao temple - it wasn't too hard, and we thought we'd just focus on that one for the night.  Arv, Luxy, Lush, Karn and I were in the CMN groups that week.

We had been reasonably close, so now that we knew you could speed it up.  However, we did our usual stuff ups at the beginning of the run - like, dying on the pulls, or dying on the first boss so we had to reset it a few times.

I still find those blob mobs hard, the ones with the stacking buff/debuff that increases your damage done and damage taken.  We died to that once.  We then died on Vizier Jin'bak (TWICE!!) because we weren't DPSing the blobs that were making the pool bigger.  Once we started doing that it was better.

We have also died a lot less to Commander Vo'jak - his spinning around didn't seem to hurt us as much - maybe we were better at dodging, but I think it was because we were standing close to the edge and we'd just jump off if he came towards us.

Unfortunately, we did die to General Pa'valak once and that was a bummer because we were on track for a silver.  We completed the instance and then did it again.  The next time round we got our silver - yay!

Last night we had a look at what we had yet to do and we decided that since the daily was Scarlet Halls, we would try it.  The gauntlet bit is always our nightmare, especially if we die and have to run back.  Karn didn't want to come, so Sev joined us in his place.

We started off in usual Challenge Mode Noob style.  Our plan was to throw food at the dogs and let the guys get eaten up.  The first one went ok, but we stuffed up the second.  So we reset it.  When we did it again, when the barrier came down as the Challenge mode started, who do you think was practically at the barrier.  Yep, the dogs and the Scarlet dude.  We might have died... or we might not have.  We had so many false starts like that I've lost count.

I really hate that bit where we have to pick up shields and walk slowly towards those guards shooting the fire things and knocking us back.  Arv died one time because he didn't have a shield, I died one time along the way... ugh.

The Houndmaster is usually not an issue so that was ok.  But the stupid gauntlet... the first time we used our pots it was great, and other times we use our invis pots and then get knocked out of it by the cannon guys.  After we wiped on some trash, I was stealthing my way across that bit and Arv decided to bubble and run through it, training all the mobs on top of me and I died.  What a little bastard! :P

Another time when we were trying to CC the mobs outside Armsmaster Harlan's room, Sev's pet just charged off and pulled the whole lot of them after we'd managed to cc one close to us to kill.  Naughty minion.  Prob because the whole lot is considered a pull not just that one... or so Sev said.

And then when we did get to the end.... we were one mob short!  And that happened not just once, but twice!  The second time it happened, we were right on track for silver so we had to run our asses back to the gauntlet to pick up one guy just to get it, and we got it in the nick of time.  Man I hate those mobs in the gauntlet... and that's it, no more throwing food at the dogs, it stuffs up our kill count.

And we're not going to talk about our hopeless attempts at Scarlet Monastery.  Vindicators and Justicators... Accidental flying serpent kick into the boss while we were still clearing the trash in the cathedral... /closes the file.  Let's just say it gave our first go in SM a run for its money.


  1. Fun times!

    'I think we need another dog guy!'

    1. That'll teach us not to listen to ya :P

  2. You guys are getting really good at this stuff, you might have to drop the noobs part soon, lol.

    1. Nah we're still noobs! Trust me!

  3. I am still laughing about my "Bubble Run", lol. I figured everyone was already at the stairs, but maybe you're just too slow after eating all of our feasts...=P


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