Achievements and Pets this week

 There are still so many scenario achieves I need!  Luckily Arv and Luxy were around to help me do those BORING old scenarios that don't give any valour :P

I had only done Dagger in the Dark once and so I hadn't even looked at the achieves for it.  So back we went in there again and knocked out all the achievements there.

Watery grave was funny because we kept killing mobs and I didn't know it was enough (Luxy's addon was saying it was enough) and I just kept going and going...."Uhh Navi, we can stop now..."

At least this one was easy.

And I had multiple warnings from Arv and Luxy - don't step in the totems!  Even before the boss!

When we went to do Assault on Zan'vess, we nearly didn't get this one because they were so close to dying!  Luckily Arv kited them around whilst me and Luxy did the boss.  Or we might have stuffed that one up!

Then there was our challenge mode this week.  Luxy gave a hilarious account of it as well.

I got 2 new pets this week.  Lazy me bought mine off the AH, and the other was a gift.  OK OK I swear I will farm my own from now on LOL!


  1. Grats on the achievements, I also have a bunch of the scenario ones to complete, at least they seem easy enough to do (damn dwarfs and jinyu, lol).

    Ooooo, a tree for a tree, that's awesome! But it looks like you guys are in two different seasons, haha.

    1. Slowly knocking them out! Hey maybe you and I can finish some of those really boring ones (eg where is that stupid keg!) in our spare time :)
      And damn Dwarf and Jinyu indeed! I am sick of seeing them LOL!


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