Wednesday raiding - Our first raid on Saurfang

Bloody Blizz decides they want to do a maintenance on the FIRST RAID DAY OF THE WEEK?  WTF?? On a Wednesday??

So that meant that raiding was gonna be cut off at 10pm.  Better get cracking, in one hour hopefully we can get one or two bosses done!  It was Aza's birthday - we HAD to raid!  He might get some cool loot as a birthday present!

Raked... was missing.  He was on the server - he had whispered Lushnek at lunchtime but Lush was AFK so didn't get the tell and so Raked didn't get a guild invite.  Why he didn't just click the letter in the mail... I don't know, he would have automatically rejoined the guild!  Since it was State of Origin night, Raked was likely watching football.  That doesn't explain why Sabre didn't turn up though!  Since when do Victorian's watch State of Origin?

Asys, our new tank, joined us.  I just thought he was a friend of Neri's but it turns out he was from her guild, Concur, and came over to join us.  Lush decided he would try tanking on his monk, and I groaned inwardly. OMG 2 new tanks??  How painful did they want this to be?

Well, the raid started of smashingly.  Asys pulled the group and the pat and it was heavy healing!  Man, I don't know how we lived through that - pro heals /flex!  Anyway, we went to Jin'Rokh and tried to get Lush and Asys to figure out how they were going to tank.  Our first attempt.. OMG we wiped!  I kinda forgot to tell Bish which lightning storm we were blowing our CDs on, and Roshii and I died.  Oops.  Anyway, the second attempt was better - marginally, but boy was the healing intense compared to usual.  Roshii walked away with his first Thunderforged item - Renataki's Soul charm - and Sev got Fissure-Split Shoulderwraps.  It was good to see Sev in the raid again on his warlock.

I thought to myself, OMG, Asys is gonna think what kind of dumbasses are we... wiping on Jin'rokh...

It got better.... got to the ghosts and me and Sev both managed to get punted off.  How embarrassing.  We nearly died on a double ghost pull but somehow survived... I had to be brezzed and used the last dregs of mana pouring out heals that were healing for peanuts.

Onto Horridon.  I was expecting a horrible fight.  2 new tanks, and we had done it with an experienced and non experienced tank before - though Asys had probably done it as a tank, but he was new to us - and there was a SLIGHT misunderstanding about who was tanking what.  Lush told Asys he would tank Horridon Door 1 and 3.  Asys pulled Horridon, clearly thinking Lush wanted to do DOORS 1 and 3, but off we went.  I decided to make my life easy and didn't take Cleanse from Disco, and so I had a nice dispel free door (yay!) on Door 3.  But mana was tight, I was pouring out so many heals into Squishy Lushy Monk and there were loose adds at first, but Lush eventually worked it out.  Roshii died during Door 4 and Disco died when the boss was up, and I thought man, so close, and we're gonna wipe... but we didn't!  We managed to kill it and boy was that a relief.  I was thrilled - Lush's first time tanking Horridon and we killed it!

Sev was being rewarded with loot again - he got Venomlord's Totemic wand and Disco got Horn-Rimmed Doomcloak Offspec.  I swear he has gotten more offspec gear than mainspec.

We got to Council but as we were pulling, the 15 minute warning came for server shutdown.  We managed to do one pull before we wiped.

A good start on the new server!  I hope Raked is here tomorrow - it would be nice to get Tortos down before Monday!


  1. That sounds like fun!! That Wednesday thing caught me by surprise too...need to clean out a few bags myself!! And I am going to pretend like I'm a cool Aussie and know what you were talking about!!


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