Wednesday raiding - Climbing back on our feet again

Perhaps it was because we said we were moving servers.  But people seemed to have rallied in raid today and we filled our raid with a nice round group - even if Roshii, Narishma and Bish were missing.

Sev swooped in on his monk with an ilvl of 495 to tank Throne.  A temporary measure he said, to help keep raiding alive whilst we find another tank.  And he did really well. Raked was teaching him the ropes, and Soul, Lush and I were healing, with Moo, Luxy, Souglyy, Sabre and Aza DPSing.

We downed 3 bosses, and it was awesome.  I didn't think we could do it but we did.  Horridon and Council were steep learning curves for Sev, and with Raked explaining it - or rather, half explaining it - I'm surprised we did as well as we did.

"Tank it sideways," said Raked to Sev (about Horridon).  He didn't specify which side so we got a shock when Horridon was facing us and the door.  "The other sideways," clarified Raked.  Sheesh Raked!  And after that, Sev tanked it sideways, but backwards to what we normally do it which did my head in because it was backwards but we coped.

Taunting during council was amusing too.  "Taunt now - oh wait, it's ok," said Raked.  Too late, Sev had taunted it.  That happened a few times.  Sev swore a few times, but he kept his cool.  We had wiped on council and it was 2252 - should we go one more?  Everyone said yes, and off we went.  And.. we killed it! As usual mana was super tight up until Sul died.. and then we could take a breather and get some mana back.  It was great!  I think we were all very happy to be raiding again.  All loot was taken!  Soul got a chest and an offspec trinket, Moo got an offspec trinket, Sev got a trinket, Sabre got Tier gloves and Luxy got pants!  A good night was had by all - woooo!

It almost made me not want to server transfer.  But the problem still remains, and we should probably go, and we should set a date.  Soul and Neri were not sure whether they would come, and I don't blame them - they're new!  But I did want Soul to come with us.  They both voiced their valid concerns (and just as well, as they both lead a guild elsewhere so they know the drill) about us not being able to find raiders - Neri even said that Caelestrasz was not much better than Dath.  I am wondering if Khaz'garoth is the better choice - it is one of the oldest Oceanic servers, I think.  But with Az's friends happy to pug in to help us raid, that would be kinda cool.  I just hope they're free around our raid times!

Raked and Sabre said they would come.  Faith said she wouldn't transfer but she would level a new toon.  Tacky said he would come.  There are a whole bunch of socials I haven't seen online (like Asyllei) who I would have to ask to see what she'd do - but I think if Fleckso or Kad came on one day and found us gone they would probably go to where we were if they wanted to play again.  Though I doubt they would be back.

Falln is gone, and I am sad, but he is probably happier there - no tanking for him!  I will miss Falln, he was a great guildie and player, and I wish him all the best.


  1. Katzbalger-Arthas (US)June 13, 2013 at 7:20 AM

    It may be worth your holding off on a server transfer and see what the new Virtual Realms on 5.4 work like. According to PTR, it's basically server mergers by a different name, you'll share AH, be able to guild people from the realms your own is combined with, raid with them, everything you can do with people on your own realm, they'll just have a server tag after their name to avoid problems with people on merged realms with the same name.

  2. I was just about to write the same thing as Katzbalger here, but they apparently beat me to it! :D

    Might be worth waiting, because there's a lot of money to be saved if Virtual Realms do make it through to 5.4 and works okay.

  3. Haha ... third time the charm .. just what I was going to say :P

  4. I am happy to raid if we stay or wherever we go!

    First time tanking things is always scary. Sev did really well!

  5. i dont think cael is the right choice -rosh

  6. Just because I'm not playing at present, doesn't mean that I'm not still following your exploits Navi. :)

    I can see why you would doubt my return, since I have been MIA for some time now, Kad even longer.
    After working my butt off to get up to speed when we needed a tank at the start of MoP and then not making the team, I have to admit that I was super disillusioned with WoW. And then with getting married, and work being outrageously busy, it wasn't hard to slip away into the non-WoW ether again.

    But I'll be back again at some point.
    Reading the Daily Frostwolf helps to give me some type of WoW fix, but with every bit of new content that comes out, it becomes harder to sate my thirst.

    Rest assured that wherever Frostwolves is calling home, is where I'll turn up when I re-enlist to fight the Horde's battles.

    - Flex

  7. I feel so bad leaving you guys :( and navi i will miss raiding with all of you. I will especially miss you random outbursts of profanity, your a lovely person nav :) If you guys move come to jubei, i know its pvp but its horde dominated from what i can see and random ganking seem very low from what im told :)


    P.S. Ill keep on reading your blog


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