Thursday raiding - 7 Battle Rezzers and a Pop

Raked finally found his way across!  And Souglyy did too!  I felt like a parent who had lost her kids in the shopping centre until they both turned up in guild.  "Have you seen my tank?  He has changing colours and he's sometimes a bear and he's got an annoying e thing in his name..."

I did wonder what the raid was going to be like with 4 druids, 2 warlocks, and a shaman - that's 6 Battle rezzes and a pop, and if we gave symbiosis to Disconcur (that's Soultouched's original name so henceforth he shall be Disconcur) he would have a battle rez too.  I thought it was rather amusing.

That pally was actually late, so Lush had been offspec healing, so he sat out and so did Roshii, and we went with Raked and Asys (why do our tanks both have annoying accented letters in their names??), Sev, Az, Moo, Sabre and Luxy DPSing and me, Bish and Disco healing.

Council, to me, is always frigging nuts until Sul dies.  After that it's heaps easier. I was OOM for a little bit but it was only 5 seconds before cooldowns were up but it felt like an eternity.  We had a few wipes, Sev got Tier and Disco got offspec loot (again!!!)  and then it was turtle time.

Our first attempt at Tortos was so smooth - and then we missed a kick and we died at 25%.  After that it was painful.  Kicks, people dying, stomps, heals, bats - it was abyssmal and awful language was pouring out of my mouth.  I tried to hide behind Raked's ass so he could pick up bats but a few times I ran to the wrong bear.  I said that if we kill this, next week we're extending it because I can't face doing it every week.  However, we, but on the LAST go of the night we got it.  And what did we get for that?  Both items DE'd.

So, hopefully, next week, we can have a few good goes at Chicken.  But it's good to have 2 real tanks again.  Even if they're both hard to heal, spiky healthed bears.


  1. It's rather amusing to hear such language from a gentle healing Tauren! :P

    My survivability was so much better last night. I changed a glyph which I didn't really think would have made a difference but apparently it did. I am now able to be saved!

    1. I swear I'm sitting out next time we do that fight... but I did notice there was a lot less dead Luxy!

  2. Great to hear you guys hit the ground running on the new server. Was worried it might take some time to find my replacement. Hope you can all get that FoS before 5.4 hits :)

    1. Apparently our reputation preceded us. He transferred to Saurfang from another server to wait for us to arrive :P So far no new recruits from Saurfang itself but raiding is kinda full now, until we hit flex raids in 5.4.

      Good to hear from you boss! I'm keeping your seat warm!

  3. I will be coming, but give me another probably 2 weeks, when the missus goes to QLD so I can try to transfer without her seeing it on the credit card (hint, need a willing accomplice on that one, haha)


    P.S. raiding is still out of the question for me, maybe I will be allowed to raid when the baby is a bit older and when I finish my PhD

  4. Seriously you do NOT read my blog anymore!! LolL


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