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If there's one thing I like to do
T'would be to pen a verse or two
Puzzles, crosswords all rate highly
Writing one makes me all smiley!
So just so I can go write one
It's time for some mind bogglin' fun!

A word of warning 'fore you start
This quest ain't for the faint of heart
The clues are found within this blog
And yes, I know you'll be agog
The posts number more than 1k
It won't be easy - that I'll say!

So if you'd like to join the fun
The game's open to everyone.
But one condition - just this rule
Abusing me is so not cool
If it's too hard and you get mad
Don't wreck my game and act all bad!

So what's the prize I hear you ask
A few for those who solve this task
The runners up a toy or pet
(Hopefully one you ain't got yet)
The winner's prize will make you burst!
A Tyrael's hilt for who comes first!

A hidden link is what you need
To the next clues is where they'll lead
Collect these clues and join them to
Create another crazy clue.
This contest starts up very soon
At 6am, 16th of June.

Notes:  All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time.  Please do not leave hints or locations on where you find clues! But feel free to leave comments on this post especially if you're going to join in the game.


  1. What a fantastic first prize. Good luck to all who enter.

    1. Holy Crap! (was actually my first response) :D

  2. Wait......did you say a Mini Tyrael???


  3. Navi's a baller, shotcaller! 20 inch rims on the impala!

    mini tyrael! o.O

    I still think my panda cub is better! :P

  4. Ack! AEST is GMT+10...but I'm at GMT-5 (or 4...I always forget). My brain hurts trying to figure out TZ on the 16th is/should be something like 4pm on the 15th for me? Time to cheat...back to Google.

    Ok, so right now it's 12:05pm/June 12th for me...Google (well does) says it's 2:05am/June 13th for you. Ok, that shows I am 14 hours behind you. So, 6am/June 16th for you minus 12hours equals 6pm/June 15th for me. Minus 2 more hours brings me to 4pm/June 15th...there...I think my maths are correct.

    So, Saturday/June 15th at 4pm I need to make sure I'm here. That's my day off...shouldn't be a problem...provided I don't forget. My memory is kind of lame and works when it wants.

    Here's to hoping your contest isn't harder than it was for me to figure out what time it starts.


  5. Holy cow! A Mini Tyrael! I better not forget that this will be there! works pretty well at helping you figure out what time you need especially if all that minus 4 hours or whatever just leaves you as confused as I was. Something about resetting at 12 fries my brain. or was it 24?

  6. Rhanks for the website, I'll have to go figure out the time difference here

  7. This is just... amazing!!!

  8. I'll definitely have a go for the challenge, although I might be one of the "eek.... I can't do this" types :p


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