Monday raiding - Make sure you fix your specialisation...

We finally stopped making mistakes and got Magaera down last night except I was dead for the kill, having run away too far with the cinders with displacer beast.  I had a lot of bad displacer beast usage last night!  I was focus healing Raked, and I told Bish to stay on Trashbringer and Soul was doing everyone and I kited the ice beam trying to cover those cinders patches and ended up really far from Raked and his health was low so I ran back and  used displacer beast to get in range but it put me right into the breath /facepalm.

We had no bloodlust as Souglyy sat out (she said she doesn't like the stupid head boss LOL) and Raked and Trash were tanking with me, Bish and Soul healing.  Lush, Narishma, Aza, Moo, Falln were DPSing.  Az didn't have a mic so he died a lot because I was looking to see where he was some of the time for dispels, but other times I was so busy trying to top up others that I thought someone else would do it and he died...

Soul died again jumping down into the water that is not deep water.  Slow on the bubble there Soul!  He would have done Faithless proud - at least Faith wouldn't have died though - she would use her levitate.  Something she wouldn't use in the elevator boss in BWD because she floated onto Nefarian so many times....

I thought, Ok I will roll on this one because I don't have a new helm, so I rolled and you know how you get the slightly longer roll and you go OMG it's LOOT!  And I saw the bag appear and the word Loot and I thought oooh, will it be helm or trinket!  And it was ... shoulders?  OMG, guess which idiot forgot to change their specialisation from Guardian back to Resto... Well at least I got new shoulders but OMG what a waste of a coin!  And all the Magaera loot was sharded - I forgot to trade the belt to Falln and he logged and wouldn't get back on to pick it up so it got bound to me.  It was offspec anyway.

Then it was time to face the trash.  Those goddamn snails... this time I didn't step under the spiders or the bones or anything, so I was quite proud!   However, Narishma that cheeky bastard lifegripped me into the path of the gastropod and it ate me.

"Why did you run into that Navi?" said Lushnek
"Why did I..." I was spluttering.  "Bloody Narishma!  Prick!"

I see a whole lot of new fun for lifegrippers.  And did you know that this shows on your armory under activity:

Had a few goes at Ji-Kun, but Souglyy had gone to bed unfortunately!!!  And since Lush was DPSing, he couldn't do nests and neither me, Bish or Soul had done nests before.  The thought of Soul trying to jump anywhere or fly anywhere without falling was too hilarious to contemplate, so I decided to try it.  That left me doing nests even though after doing it I realised it was not a good idea as the platform guys kept dying.   Probably best for the mobile hot and AOE healer to stay on the platform - though I had a grand time flying around from nest to nest.  Also, when we had Az, Lush and me on the nests, it took all the Battle rez's away.  Soul then got Symbiosed so he could rez and Lush stayed on the platform and we took Falln instead.  That was not bad, Falln does pretty decent AOE.  Quills wasn't so bad either with just 3 people fully hotted up and mushrooms and a tranq if needed.  I told Soul that he has to do it tomorrow because it's probably best I stay on the platform for the 3 stack points for mushrooms and tranquilit

Wonder who will be sitting out tomorrow....


  1. When I read 'Raked and Trash were tanking with me' I was like WHAT!??! LOL!

    If any of my toons actually played a second spec, I think I would always be loot rolling for the wrong one. I have heard of a lot of people doing it since it was implemented. There must be a better way like have you confirm when the boss dies which spec you want to roll for maybe.

    1. I reckon if they put it at the roll it would be better but I should know better!

  2. Grats on your Megaera kill! We got ours last night as well in my guild. Ji-Kun is proving to be a bit of a bother, but I think with a few small tweaks to our tactic we should get it down soon. I just hope people keep showing up on raid nights since we only raid twice a week, I'd hate to not even reach Ji-Kun next reset!

  3. I will lend you my sticky note...


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