Minipost: New Achievements this week and new pets

A MUCH slower week than last week but a couple of achieves were netted by me this week!

This one was from the Dark heart of Pandaria scenario - I am surprised I didn't do it before!

And I finally got my Tyrannical Conquest achievement.  Everyone else had theirs... though I think at least I have the actual real one not the bugged one so I can buy the nicer looking gear.  Though why I would buy them I'm not sure.  I guess I have to spend my conquest on SOMETHING.  But a couple thousand more and I can buy that sweet meta gem!

Scored a few more new pets last few days!

Thel sent me this in the mail after I tried to help her do some instances on Navi while at work - I was terrible, I was afk all the time and couldn't even help, and when I did help all I did was bug out Kael!  She said to me today she was glad that I checked my mail and saw this >< oh dear, my mail checking is becoming more well known...

Skeedle sent me this!  She was chuffed she could give me something!  We played with it summoning and resummoning because I saw Cymre managed to get Kil'rek to come out and eventually he did.

And of course there was my blue carp incident... thanks Kallixta! :D


  1. You lack of mail checking has become contagious without you knowing I think. I logged onto one of my bankers today and my Altaholic addon warned me of mail that needed to be checked on a particular toon. It also told me it had been exactly a month since I had checked that toon's mail. I switched over to find only two items (out of probably 70-80) there.

    Yep, I lost a bunch of stuff that I had AH'd a while back. It got sent back to...thin air. Thankfully, that toon only sells gear for Transmogging so I don't "think" I lost anything of great value. I know I had some of the cool looking Vanilla WoW & TBC weapons I crafted to sell. But I think I had those in the bank...hopefully they're in the bank.

    Congratz on your new achievements and pets. I love that Kil'rek has the chance to make an appearance. If you keep the Phoenix Hawk out long enough her random animation is that she spins around and around in circles. It's cute.

    And don't worry about that day you joined me in TK. You didn't mess up, or get lost, that often.


    1. P.S. - I love the Phoenix's name! It can be taken in few different ways:

      "Ohsheet, I killed that rare I wanted to capture"

      "Ohsheet, we're lost again"

      "Ohsheet, I've gotta afk again"

      and more directed at me, "Ohsheet, you are so silly" - Why yes, yes I am. :P

    2. LOL I am glad you approve of the name! It was exactly what I was thinking when I came back from AFK and I was waaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere having flown past TK into the nether and I was lost. Thank god I didn't have to spirit rez!


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