Let the Moving House Giveaway Game Begin!

On your marks, get set... GO! May the fluffiest puppy win!
The game begins!  Let's hunt and find
The clues that will screw with your mind.
There's sixteen links you'll need to seek
If it's too hard, within a week
I'll post some hints to help the stuck
Good luck my friends, to all good luck!

Through Navispam I've met a few
Fantastic people (some I knew)
A famous druid kindly sent
A guild invite, and so I went!
In those two posts, you'll need to find
A message hidden deep inside.

The first person to realID
Was someone whom I'd longed to see
Our times would never be aligned
But once tagged, 'twas an easy find.
(You'd think since we were both Aussie
Our times would line up easily)
Find the post where in game we met
And the next clue you'll surely get.

I have two friends who shower me
With endless gifts - I'm so lucky!
From one I've scored a dozen pets
(And I don't think they're finished yet)
The other, pets and toys and mounts
(So many I can hardly count)
For both these pals the goal's the same -
The posts where we first met in game.

My first joint story was a hit
With the friend who'd thought of it
Both those tales contain a link!
(It's not too hard to find, I think)
A common friend drew us some art
Of one immensely funny part!
That artist features often here
Their visit filled me with great cheer.
To find that link, it might be tough
For it's mixed in with other stuff.

The one who got me in this game
Is quite well known, all know her name.
They feature in many a post
My favourite one I liked the most
Is playing games with our pet blings
I love how Blizz includes these things.

Of all the rhymes that I have penned
My best ones were my gifts to friends
A mighty steed for pure of heart;
(The pic with it a work of art)
The other one an ode to say
I'm awed by her in every way.

An interview with 2 guild locks
And one about a rogue who rocks
Contain a hidden clue or two
Oh Tacky's guest post has one too!
Can you imagine Lush and Shab
As cute and gorgeous, looking fab?

Two questions will be asked of you
Two questions are the final clue
One link will tell you where to send
The answers for the game to end.
I thank you all for joining in
I wish that all of you could win!

Notes: All answers can be found in this blog. All correct entries received by 18 June 0600 AEST (ie 24 hours after the start) will go into a hat and drawn out by my daughter.  If you send an incorrect answer I will reply you to let it know it was incorrect and you can send an entry again with another answer.  There is no limit to the number of times you can guess the answer (as long as you're not spamming me random words!!!).  If no entries are received by then, clues will be given out at 24 hours.  There are 3 prizes to win, and the giveaway ends after the 3rd prize is won.  First prize is a Tyrael's Hilt (yes that is correct!). Second prize is a TCG riding turtle, and third prize is a TCG Gusting grimoire pet.  You may leave comments on the posts you find the clues if you wish as proof you went there, but it's not necessary, but don't give away the exact location of the link in the post.


  1. I love and hate you all at the same time, I've done these before ;)

  2. AMG! Some of these are so hard!

  3. Bloody hell, Navi, you are an evil genius at making treasure hunts...

  4. The answer is tuna fish! I won! Right? Right? Sigh ... I know a lot of those posts but I'll never figure this out.

  5. No Tome, the answer is "42". The answer is ALWAYS "42".

    Sadly, I was not able to be here yesterday at 4pm (even after all that hard work my brain did letting me know what time to be here). Had to take my sister out for her b-day dinner.

    Thankfully, this looks to be quite the challenge...so my chances of winning could be as good as anyone's who was here at start time.

    Good luck to all!!!!!

  6. I am happily cheering others on from the sidelines -- call me a wuss, but somehow my competitive gene is not as dominant as my
    "I'll go back the clubhouse and make sure the beer's okay..." gene! All I know is Navi is I adore you, and I am already a winner in my friendship with you!

  7. Just to verify - did you mean to use the same link in multiple posts? Not going to link to posts or clues (DM me if you need more details), but there's at least two that link to the exact same thing.

    Who knows, maybe it'll make sense once I find the rest. :)


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