How Navimie was nearly kicked from LFR

On Friday night I was having some weird spiky lag issues with Vent, and that didn't go well for us in arena.  And I am not sure but I may have been having weird lag in game as well.  I'll write about that in a later post - not everyone wants to read about arena!

So, we left our arena games, and Moo, Lush, Sev and I decided we would run LFR and help gear alts for tanking.  Sev and Lush got on their monks and Moo got on his paladin, and I got on my alt... yeah right.  I was on Navimie and off we went to do LFR Mogu'shan Vaults, the 2nd half.  All four of us set our roll specifications to tank.  I love that new feature from 5.3!

So Lush tanked, Moo was dps, and Sev and I were healing.  Because we were in the first and easiest LFR, I was clearly going to be the top healer, so to make it more fun for myself I thought my challenge would be to  heal twice as much as the next person below me.  Which was Sev, but it was not as easy as I thought and I didn't actually make my goal but I was damn close a few times!

It was leading up on the trash to Elegon that I had a little incident.  A blue dropped and it was one of those ones which could be used from level 85 and would be quite a good thing for a tanking alt or a levelling one.  Last time one of those dropped in LFR, I greeded it, but some other person hit DE and it was sharded.  What a waste!  I was surprised to see that the blue came up with the need button enabled, so I hit need.

"Oh look," I said to my guildies.  "A BoE!  A tanking BoE!  Maybe one of our alts can use it.  I'm going to hit need."
"If you hit need," said Lushnek, "It will become BoP if you win it."
"Oh, I didn't know that," I said.  I felt a bit bad, now I was going to look like a ninja in LFR.

I won the item.  Sure enough, it bound to me. Poopsies.

"OMG who hit f***ing need on a blue," someone said.
"It's LFR what do you expect," someone else said.
"Who is the noob who needed that," said another person.
"I needed it for my offspec," I said.  Which is not untrue, exactly.  I was tank offspec.  But I didn't need that item.  "And I saved it from a DE."

Then people started talking about kicking me.  OMG, I was feeling mortified.  Kicked from LFR?  OMG, what kind of noob am I to be kicked from LFR?  I thought I'd better type something to save myself before a vote went out and 20 of the people who didn't know me just went along and voted yes to kick me.

"If you kick me, you'll lose a tank," I said.  That wasn't very clear so Sev decided to clarify it in the next line.
"If you kick her, you will lose 2 healers, a tank and a DPS.  So I wouldn't recommend it."
"Forget the blue, let's keep going," someone said.
"Who cares, kick them all," someone else said.
"Look at these idiots, bickering over a blue like a bunch of little bitches it's pathetic," someone said.

I hoped someone would realise I was the top healer and wouldn't kick me.  The vote to kick didn't come, or at least I didn't see it. And so we continued on our merry way.  By the time we got to Twin Emperors, the silly paladin who wanted to kick me started playing up and doing stupid things.  He taunted one of the Emperors off Lushnek - not once but twice.  I didn't heal him and nor did Sev, but one of the others did but we just ignored him and continued the fight and finished it off.  We tallied our loots and none of us picked up anything new or decent for tanking.  But maybe we could do more another day.

Well, I learned my lesson.  Or at least something new.  Don't need a blue in LFR or it binds to you.  And as for my personal challenge, the best I could get was 36% to Sev's 21% of healing done in a boss.  Elegon really ramped my heals up big time!  Love that new tranquility change in 5.3 AND mushrooms.  But at least I didn't get kicked from LFR.


  1. Ahhh poo ... I didn't realise rolling on BoE stuff in LFR made it soulbound, either. If I'd seen that, I would have made exactly the same mistake.

    Personally, it would probably have been better just to say you needed by mistake - genuinely I have done that before (albeit in dungeon runs rather than raids), and have known others do it too - it's like a nervous twitch :P

    Although I have had bad experiences in LFR (like many others), I still believe that the majority of people who run them are normal, genuine, friendly people (given the opportunity) - if you go in there treating them as the enemy, they're going to treat you the same way.

    1. It wasn't so much of a bad experience, but more of a *gosh* experience. If I had been kicked, it would have been my first time being kicked in LFR. Then that would have really been an oh gosh moment.

      In that LFR most people just wanted to finish it. It was really one or two who made a fuss about my blue need. I mean, really, if someone had needed a blue or a green I wouldn't have given a hoot - LFR lets you roll need if you could use it.

  2. OMG! Scary! I'm glad you didn't get kicked.

  3. I like that change to BOEs actually (provided you know about it) for that reason. Just like the change they made to lockboxes which can't been needed any more. These days there are so many dropouts and kicks it's more unusual to get into a fresh run than not.

    Glad it worked out for you.

    1. I rarely get into runs that aren't fresh, but I rarely run LFR alone. Yea, I'm glad it worked out too.

  4. Easy there girl-- as one who has been kicked from LFR for 'looking at someone funny" there is no reason to be humiliated. If anything, you should be pissed that the anonymous mob mentality is so quick to get the hangin' rope. Most folks are nice - which is what I've been trying to tell Tome. Think of my five top alts I've run through probably over a hundred of those damn things without a single incident. I sure would hate for you to think I was a noob for any time I've been kicked from an LFR. There was one time I should have been kicked - DC'd an entire fight, only to connect and find that not only wasn't I kicked, but got loot/gold.

    1. I often remind myself that even though there are some idiots out there in LFR there are some nice people too - and me finishing the LFR would help them. And that was a nice LFR that you got loot from being dc'd for a whole fight and no kick!

  5. It's things like this that scare me about LFR. I am getting better now. Since doing my first LFR in early April I've done about 6 :) none on my own so far though.

    1. I think my biggest fear is looking like I am stupid in front of a whole bunch of strangers though why strangers thinking anything of me should bother me I am not sure. I think maybe you think the same thing Jojo!


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