Fun and games - could you figure out this riddle?

Where am I?
 I am hidden in a special line of code
Who am I?
 Can't tell you - just follow the rhyming road!
How to find me?
 Sets of clues found with our common friends
And Navi says:
 "I hope you'll like the prize that's waiting at the end!"

5 friends in common we both have
5 numbers each will tell
5 positions in a sequence and
I hope you note them well.

The first one is an easy one
She was first to be Nat's pal
She loves her pets, achieves and mogs
She's one well dressed orc gal.

The next is our second in charge
Of our esteemed Horde guild
I drag him almost everywhere
And always get him killed.

The third one thought you generous
So giving and so kind
When he asked to meet you in game
I knew you wouldn't mind.

The fourth one is a true pet pro
He rivals even you
We both met him together and
Both made his pets turn blue.

The last one loves his Pokemon
And tortured with haiku
His 10th day of Pet battles was
A gorgeous Pikachu


  1. So figured out!

    Nat's pal is still hiding from me though!

  2. At first I thought the first one was Cymre, but she's usually a Blood Elf, not an Orc...
    I'm pretty sure I know who the second and last ones are, but not sure at all about the third and fourth ones.

    1. That was a good guess Kam! Its pretty hard though - although all people are mentioned in this blog frequently I am not sure many could guess it! It posted this more to remember the silly poem than for people to guess /hug

  3. I am stuck but close.....I think
    Baha, Moo, Lush, Rosh & McTacky


    1. Very close! 4th is not a guildie and moo is not one of the 5...

  4. Gah, I remember the clues in the posts, for example I remember reading a post mentioning that she was Nat's pal really fast, but I can't remember the names! And I'm not going back through hundreds of Navi posts to figure it out. :P

    1. Lol you know what, maybe I should do a big giveaway that requires tons of blog research! Then nobody will get it except the truly dedicated!


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