10 Days of Pet Battling Day 8 - Stupidest things

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

The stupidest things I've done in a pet battle - oh where do I start??  I am sure many people can relate to some of these.

1. Having the wrong team out
There is nothing like battling the Beast Fable pets with a team containing 2 critters.  That's not so bad though - you can abandon those tamer battles without much of a penalty.  However, I am sure I am not the only one who had battled wild pets (pre 5.3) with a team that was
a) too high level
b) too low level
c) all full of classes weak against the pet you want

Navi you dumbass, bring out the Clockwork gnome against the beastly hound, not the kitty!
The classic example for me was when I battled the Sumprush rodent.  In my excitement I forgot to change my teams, so I battled it with a team that I was levelling and hadn't healed, and so engaged the Sumprush with a level 25 undead pet and a level 19 pet that I was levelling!

2. Not having the right abilities set for your pets
No no no, I wanted Tail Swipe not breath!  And I didn't want Sleep, I want Pump!  Abandoning isn't such an issue anymore to fix your mistakes.  What's a bandage here and there!
Haha! You could have gotten an extra hit in since I am faster than you but noooooo!

3. No dragons, EVER for capturing
Never every use dragons for capturing pets.  Never ever.  Damned things always hit so hard just when you don't want to and then bang! Dead rare pet.  Poopsicles.  Silly dragons always killing my rare wild pets arctic fox kits and sporeling sprout!

Toothless! Bad dragon!
4. Not healing up
The number of times I have gone into a battle and forgotten to heal up from the previous battle... sometimes it's ok,especially with a strong healing time.  Pure damage teams usually go belly up after a few hits.  Thank goodness for stockpiling bandages - a shame I can't sell some!  Perhaps Blizz should let first aid make pet bandages too.

You know, after months of pet battling you'd think I'd be better and not make mistakes...but no.  I'm still making the same old mistakes today!


  1. I still do those all things too! Especially not healing up. Perhaps add a 100 Pet Heals Achievement to unlock a First Aid Recipe for Pet Bandages!


  2. This is pretty much what my Day 8 was going to be. Why did I encourage you! :P I still do most of those things!
    I like Tacky's ideas!
    I have Hello Kitty Bandaids.

  3. I'm so happy I'm not the only one, I do all these. What a great idea, someone should be making bandages!

  4. Still wearing my tamer hat on my warlock in LFR, even with sticky note? Yeah I did that.

  5. Hehe, I like your pics and I can relate to some of these.


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