10 Days of Pet Battling Day 10 - Design a pet

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

I am not as clever as McTacky, who did an AMAZING job with his design a pet for the series - and I did try but I just gave up!  I love how he put it in the journal and everything and made it look like it was in the game.

Read all about his pet here!
So what is this amazing pet that I would design?

Name: K'iri
Class: Magic
Location: Drops from M'uru in Sunwell Plateau

From the remains of M'uru this spark remains, and still pulses with life. Perhaps M'uru lives on after all.

Slot 1 abilities
Slot 2 abilities
Slot 3 abilities

With light and dark, I thought some of these abilities suited a pet Naaru well.  I know it is kind of a travesty to have a GOD as a pet - but think how great it would look for a Draenei, having a guardian Naaru following them around!

I finally completed my 10 days of Pet Battling!  Thanks everyone for egging me on to complete it, as well as all those who have participated :)


  1. Holy crap, you punched out the last few posts so quickly. I've just started doing mine again. I should have known you'd choose a snowflake for yours. Nice abilities, sounds like a pretty deadly opponent. :)

    1. I had to hurry and finish because everyone is finishing before me!

  2. That would be an azmazing pet! So pretty.

    Hopefully the next raiding with leashes will give us t6 pets.

  3. Oh! I'd love a K'iri! Not sure if I'd have the nerve to ask him to fight for me but he could follow me around kind of like a godly bodyguard.

    1. He would prolly fight for you anyway, coz you're so sweet and kind:)

  4. Oh I'll add my voice to what an great pet idea. I love choosing my pets to match classes/races and this would be an amazing pet for a Draenei.

  5. I think the moves Light and Call Darkness really suit this fallen Naaru. Using both at the same time looks brutal!

    1. Glad someone appreciates it! Thanks Tacky!


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