10 days of Pet battles - Frostwolves Battle Pet Dream team (Day 10 combo)

I thought this looked cool!  Tacky made a journal entry team of his pet Pikachu, my pet K'iri and Luxy's pet Hello Kitty from our 10 days of pet battles Day 10!  Click the links to find out what deadly abilities our pets have.

I love it Tacky!  It looks so awesome!


  1. OMG! It is amazing! We need these pets! :D

  2. But how did you make this graphic?!

    1. The main trick I would think is to delete your warcraft cache folder. Then log into the game and open the pet screen. You have a little time before the pets will load, giving you some blank spaces where the Pet 3D model usually is.

    2. Navi's pet K'iri uses spells already in the game so I could easily just screenshot those and edit them into the right spot on this version. Pikachu used some macro icons recoloured yellow. Hello Kitty are all custom made by Luxypie.

    3. For my background I chose a small mouse and covered it up and used the lasso tool around Hello Kitty to move her in! Then just pasted over with the stuff I wanted from other other pets. My icons were edited versions of some Hello Kitty icons for something else. You can do the whole thing in Paint. I used Paint and Phtothsop :D


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