10 Days of Pet Battles Day 9 - Favourite ability

This post is part of my 10 Days of Pet Battles series.

Trying to pick ONE ability is so hard!  There are so many abilities I enjoyed using.  I think I will list my fave 5 abilities, in no particular order:

I remember I was quite enamored of the water strider ability, pump.  I still use it a lot now but I swear, it misses more than 5% of the time these days.  I quite enjoyed using this ability battling Nishi or even againt Major Payne and I think a lot of my Pandarian captures were with my trust Water strider, named Kamalia.

It's a great ability to use when pets are not in range (eg burrow, fly) so that when they pop up it will be BANG (as long as it doesn't miss!)

All the water striders, some pets in water bubbles like Sea Pony and some of the fish, Legs and the Wandering Festival Hatchling have this ability.
This was such a staple ability for me in the level 3-20 pet range!  However, in my noob days I killed a great many pets I was trying to capture.  I never use my Clockwork Gnome, Magic Mancuso, to capture anymore (named for someone I work with who is rather young and buff - always helps if you are a young good looking surgeon), but he is still a great favourite.  He is the only pet with this ability.

You always feel SO good when you get whacked by some huge hit and you had also used one of these heals and so you healed back a massive amount. My Gregarious Grell, Aza, did so well healing himself in pet battles with Cauterize.  Corefire Imp (I've always thought they added it so people had access to an in game version of the TCG Grell), the Lava bugs (Molten Hatchling, Lava beetle and Lava crab) as well as the Pandaren Fire Spirit and Phoenix Hatchling also have this ability.

Healing Flame with my Spawn of Onyxia made it one of my favourite dragons to use.  A lot of other dragonkin use it as well, including Onyxian whelpling (which is why Spawn was made - Onxyian whelpling was a one-off pet which can no longer be obtained, and has the same abilities and stats), Crimson/Wild Crimson/Infinite Whelplings and Untamed Hatchling.

Though why it's listed as strong/weak against classes I dunno, since it is not an offensive spell...

I love my Amethyst Spiderling, Charlotte.  And I love this ability.  Fantastic against stupid stampeding critter attacks!  A lot of other spiders have this ability - wish it caused the pets to be webbed too so they couldn't be swapped - but that's a bit OP.  However, I guess the pets are webbed, because when you use Leech Life you get double health back.  So I dunno why they aren't webbed properly.
I love playing with Call Darkness, I levelled a few pets with this ability because I liked it so much.  Jeremyrenner my Dark Whelpling is what I tend to use the most, but Lil Deathwing and Scourged Whelpling also have it.  Gilnean Raven, Crow, Mini Diablo, Feline Familiar and Deathy also have it.  I liked using it with Nocturnal Strike (which bats have) and was trying it with Surge of Light (which is used by Mini Tyrael and Soul of the Aspects) but I didn't find it that good because Tyrael died quickly as I couldn't heal properly because of Darkness.  I still use my darkness dragons against healing dragons - probably not the best choice, but old habits die hard.

I realise that all my fave abilities are from older pets!  I haven't really played around with many of the new pet abilities in the pets that came from the last 2 patches - I bet people have quite a few there which they really like.  I wonder if people will think my fave abilities a little boring and outdated? :P


  1. Pump is awesome!

    I want to mess about with some Call Darkness teams for PvP. I see them pretty often.

    1. I think I need to level a different bat. And a raven! And that feline familiar!

    2. Call Darkness, especially when paired with Nocturnal Strike, is also very effective against the self-healing and aquatic Beasts of Fable.

  2. Always gonna stick to my first love - Ion Cannon. Boom, baby.


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