Weekend PvP

Games were better this weekend.  Shab was busy on Friday so we PvP'd on Saturday instead with our 3s team, and Sev and I did some 2s on Friday.

2s went quite well, with only 1 loss and the rest were wins so that capped me for the week.  It's been a while since we felt like an afflock and a resto druid was a half decent team in 2s - especially after we had that miserable game last week where we had a draw both teams lost after 30 minutes.  That was depressing.  We don't have any rating, which is why we probably had a whole bunch of easyish wins.  Sev would rather say it was skill :P

We did 3s on Saturday and we had some pretty awesome games.  Didn't seem to be that many teams playing - we seemed to have the same combinations a few times.

There was a triple priest team with 2 shadow and one disc, that beat us once and we beat back in return.  They were annoying.  They might have beat us twice actually.  One time we managed to kill one, then I died, and they rezzed their other priest!

There was a DK, rogue and priest team that killed Sev and we killed the DK but then Shab and I lost to the remainders.  I wasn't feeling confident about that one anyway - priests are awfully hard to kill sometimes.

Shab and Sev had a good game where I died and they took down their opponents - it was an exciting match to watch.  I think it was a DK or a warrior and a shaman.

There was the triple DPS team that whipped us the first time (hunter, pally, warrior) but we beat them back every other time.  Gotta get that damn tree form out ASAP!

We managed to scrape our rating above 1500 for a little before we dropped back.  I think we will never really get above 1500 LOL!  It's like our fence that we can't seem to get over.  I asked Broll if he would like to join us for 5s so we can play with Hwired/Narishma as well, since Soul is busy these days on Fridays.  He's not very geared, but it might be fun to have a monk along!

Rated BG was so close - lost by 30 points in Gilneas - what a shame!  It wasn't a good night for me in RBG, we lost all the games, but I still love to play.  Oh well!  You win some you lose some :)

Edit:  Got up early this morning and lost another RBG game, but won the AB by 30.  At least I ended the week on a win!  That was a damn good game though - except that the RBG leader D/C when he was solo on farm (but I managed to ninja back but boy was that rogue pissed off - he chased me down and killed me after that!)


  1. Boy, if there's one class I really don't like much in Mists, it's the Priest. They've really gotten a bump up in capability, and I can't imagine running Arenas and going up against a three Priest team. That'd drive me nuts.

    1. Is that to play, or is that to battle against? I feel like priests are hugely OP. But that's jus tme.

  2. We got our revenge on the triple priest team. I remember making sure they didn't rez again. But yeah, triple life swap sucks!

    1. I think if they tried harder they would have been awesome but I was glad to beat them, that's for sure!


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