Weekend PvP - A new addition

No Shab on Friday and with a sick child I decided to take Friday night off WoW, so my PvP night went down the toilet.  However, the boys got together and did some 2s (Shab and Narishma joined Sev's 2s team) and they did really well.  It must be nice being double DPS :)

Tried a few 3s on Saturday and some 2s, and Sev and I did ok in 2s, but not used to having a shadow priest in a 3s team so we will need practice with that.

On Sunday we had no raid again, and I had already suspected that so I had asked Broll if he would like to come and PvP with us and do 5s (as Soultouched has been too busy for 5s lately).  Broll brought his monk and it felt like there were only 2 or 3 teams playing because we just played he same teams over and over.

There was a solo healing team (resto shaman) with a hunter, warrior, shadow priest and mage who beat us as many times as we beat them.  The other team was a double healing team (resto druid, resto shaman) with an ele shaman, warlock and ... I can't recall the other, but we had a win and a few losses against them as well.  One time the other members of the opposing team didn't have all 5 enter the arena and another time they just didn't join.

Our first 5s was hectic.  Shab even said OMG as the GladiatorLOSA addon went crazy non stop talking - I couldn't even hear half the polymorphs being called and got cranky with myself for getting poly'd so much.  Sev was smashed in that first game and after that we said we would do more healing on the poor squishy warlock.

There were some particularly hairy moments that I recall.  The shadow priest rezzed the hunter in one of our BGs, and then in the same match was rezzing the warrior, and the guys said the priest was moving while rezzing and Narishma had also silenced him and he was still doing it.  Weird!  The boys are sure the rez went off but the warrior didn't get up.

The resto druid did some amazing survival as the boys called a target switch and focussed the druid.  Unfortunately the druid lived and managed to heal up.  And we lost that game.

Monks are way OP I've decided.  They are so hard to kill.  With a bit more gear I think Broll would be way more useful on the team than me!  His disarming and the bubble thing are so awesome.  Rogues who are disarmed must be really cranky.

We did some BGs after that which were all good as we won them all.  So, after a disappointment in terms of raiding, it was good to have a half decent PvP night.

Edit: I take that back.  I had an excellent run of RBGs on Monday night.