Wednesday raiding - Finally back in there

I feel so rusty and I was surprised to see Exray in the raid yesterday - he said that he would like to come on Wednesday and Sunday.  I said OK, and then we had to filter out people to sit out.  Unfortunately, lost Narishma and Sabrehawk and then we were set to go with 10.  Az was going to sit out for Lushen (Exray's monk friend) but I said maybe on Sunday because it was hard enough fixing the raid, even Souglyy wanted to sit out, which was not like her.

Lushnek was healing because Soultouched had somehow stuffed up his authenticator and couldn't login on time.  So we went without him.

Jin'rokh died super quick.  There was a tiny hiccup where Souglyy ran the lightning ball into a spark on the ground and that made me swear in vent.  Roshii died from I don't know what... I thought he was the one with the ball that nearly killed us!  Horridon went down the same as well - that nerf has made it heaps easier now.    Hardly have to do any dispels.Council was still messy and mana is absolutely atrocious until they kill Sul, but once he's dead it's easy streets.  Tortos went down in a few goes, and for that one we had to substitute in a ranged because 2 ranged and 3 melee is pretty crappy if the ranged can't get a turtle down in time to kick, so back in went Soul, and Roshii sat out, and Lush went to DPS.  Aza and Souglyy didn't want to kick the turtle... I'm not sure why though.

Falln and Lushnek were the loot whores that night.

Falln got thunderforged Chestplate of Violent Detonation, and Lush got Jin'rokh's Dreamshard from Jin'rokh.   I got both the Spaulders of Dinomancy (after taking it off Lush at the end of raid when he had 4 pieces of loot) and I also took Jalak's Maelstrom staff for offspec.  Wushoolay's Final Choice went to Lushnek and Falln got the Tier gloves from Council.  And off Tortos, Lush got Vampire Bat-Hide Bracers.

Had a giggle at Soultouched who jumped down into the water/ground when running to Magaera and died on impact.  I rezzed him and teased him.  We had a few goes at Magaera, and we didn't clear the mushrooms at the back.  "Nah," said Raked.  "I'm tired, I just wanna get a few goes in."  And what happened?  Yes, noob pally strikes again - Soul ran away with his fires and pulled the adds from the mushrooms.

"I didn't want to say it," said Az, "but I told you so."

We had another wipe and then had to call it for the night.  That fight is so amazing for paladins.  I thought it was good for me and mushrooms, but it's amazing for him.

Falln is going to tank on Thursday night, so fingers crossed he's not a flat pancake for most of the night!


  1. Haha, he didn't tell me about the water thing! Suck a dork :P

    1. LOL if you raided with us you could laugh at him all the time :D


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