Summary: High points in an otherwise low week

In a week with no raiding, it's a pretty depressing week.  However, when there is a patch that just came out at the same time, most people have kept themselves pretty busy to keep their minds off the non-raiding blues.

Except Az.

Az was bummed because we're not raiding.  He is also pouty because after he finished the quests in Durotar and The Barrens with the Darkspear Revolution (don't worry, no spoilers!) CRZ wasn't working (guess because nobody had done the quests) and there was nobody to duel outside Org with him.  And to top it all off, he said that the patch PvP changes SUCK ASS and that there is no point PvPing because people with crap gear are now equal to him so it's no fun.  I think he was upset because he chaos bolted a naked DK and it hit for 60k or something.  I could be wrong.

However, yesterday he did a challenge mode and got gold on his second go in Brewery with some of his friends from Tichondrius.  I mean, WOW.  I was pretty impressed and proud and just a little bit scared he'd think how stupid I was, but I realised that I wouldn't think that of other people, so why should I think he would?  Grats Az!

PvP on Friday was also bringing me down because the boys are doing so well in double DPS 2s that it felt like in 3s I was being a HUGE drag.  I think that Sev and Shab have tuned their frequency as a duo and are having heaps of fun.  I tried PvP with my PvE glyphs because Shab had read they were good, but the bad games and that made me paranoid, so it felt to me like they were shit.  You know, arenas had more losses than wins on Friday and so Sev and Shab propped me up with some more on Sunday which were good (2 wins!), so I felt like I got my groove back.  Didn't do my RBGs though, damn!  Oh, and the other thing that was making me sad was there was a bug going around where EVERYONE got the Tyrannical Conquest achievement when they hadn't hit the mark, except ME, and I've got more conquest than all of them (except Az).

Lots of achievements this week.  More on that in another post.  But that always buoys me!

I made a new friend and got a new guildie at the same time.  Don't you love finding lurkers! :)  Again, I'll write on that later!

Pets pets pets, can you believe that I hadn't run any of the BC dungeons for them yet?  I will do them tomorrow, when I have a lovely free day to do lots of stuff!  However, gifts galore came my way and still more that I have to write about, which really made me realise just how lucky I am to have such a great circle of virtual online friends!  Who says there is no community :)

We even got some Challenge modes in and Arv, Luxy, Lush and I got our Challenge Conquerer Bronze - except Karn so we'll have to do his ones next.  That's what he gets for running out of game time!

Heroic scenarios are cool, I like them, a great way to pass the time and earn valour points.  And I was amazed I valour capped by Sunday with only 2 LFRs under my belt with no raiding, because now pet dailies award valour (yay!) and the Darkspear quest chain awards 200 valour.

So that was my week.  Gosh, I have a whole heap of posts to write.  If I wrote them all down in this post it would be the LONGEST post ever :)


  1. What? A whole week without a raid? I'll be back Wednesday but not keen to tank, im sure there's others who have a tank alt...right??


  2. Sev and I have noticed a lot of undergeared and easy teams in 2's, so that's partly the reason for our good run. It wasn't as easy pre-patch that's for sure. 3's still seems challenging though. But we did have some nice games last night. I was pleased with how we went. I think we have problems with stealth teams and teams which have huge opening bursts. If we can live through that to set up some cc chains, our chances of winning get higher.

  3. What! No pet hunting! It seems that's the only thing I've been doing, lol. Actually will be kind of sad when I get them all but I can still try for more I guess. Somebody might still need them.

  4. Get over it Navi and those who are bored of no raids...

    And when you guys whinge, please think of those of us, where the act of actually logging on (without serious consequences) is already a luxury...



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