Monday raiding - Glad that's over

We didn't raid on Sunday - well, not in Throne of Thunder.  With no mainspec tanks on, there was no way we would be getting Council down, so we formed an alt run and did MSV.  The dogs was just... awful... but it was sheer brute strength that brought it down because we pretty much did it like LFR.  Except the explosions hurt more.  We wiped on it once.

We also wiped on Gara'jal because I was trying to do the achievement for Aza and Luxy.  Oh well, at least it was a quick wipe and the next go was a kill.

Rebanio joined us and boy does it show when people have no vent and no experience outside LFR, poor bugger.  He was so far away on Elegon that he died twice.  Twin Emps went down nicely too, and I have to say that Moo on his DK and Roshii on his warrior did a pretty reasonable job.

Monday we were back to bashing our heads on Council.  It had been painful - Thursday we were low on DPS, and it was ugly.  Monday wasn't going well at first, but as we persisted, we did better and better.  It was reallly hard to heal Raked for some reason when he tried to do Marli so he went back to Sul.  We didn't have Soultouched either.  What the hell is with these wussy paladins anyway? :)

We were dying to frostbite and biting cold.  People stood in sand.  I got eaten by a spirit (yeah that was pretty stupid of me).  Mana was crap and we were OOM a lot.  On the kill, at the end, scraping those last fumes trying to keep everyone alive was just ... miraculous.  But we did it, and with no deaths on the kill!  Everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief, and Lush walked away with Tier gloves and Moo got a sword.  I don't think anyone's heart was in for Tortos so we did some half hearted attempts before we called it for the night.

Do you think we'll have our pally tank this week?  I bet he's still out of action - which means, Falln, you better put your tanking hat back on again!


  1. .............Feck. Cruse you fueghan, you better not put me through another week of tanking >< GRRRR. Just put some ice on it and all will be good.


    1. LOL if only :) He can't even comment because his wrist is still stuffed, I suspect :(

  2. You guys going to give the one tank option a try on council?

    1. I forgot that's how you guys did it! Maybe we will try that...


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