Minipost: Thursday raiding - Not Heading anywhere

Last night was just not coming together.  Maybe we were rusty.  But I know that I died a lot, from not dispelling myself fast enough, not healing myself fast enough... being OOM... but I'm sure we will get there on Sunday.

Aza was upset at himself because he had a death that he was not proud of.  I thought he died to standing in fire or something, but he actually went to click his doomguard and clicked on Rasha's Sacrificial Dagger instead.  Whoops!  It was kinda funny though :)

Roshii kept disconnecting, Lushnek was lagging... it just wasn't going our way.

Poor Soul was being yelled at for standing in melee, but he was trying to get mana back by hitting stuff.  And as usual his heals were dominating.  Damned pallies.

Other than that, we have the strat it's just got to be tidier.  Falln was tanking and it was fine for healing (I was focussing on him) and I thought I would try using Nature's Ward for a change just to see if it would make a difference for things like people with the fire, or just using it on Falln.  It did seem to me to save me a bit of mana, but maybe it was just my imagination.

See what Sunday brings.  But at least we're raiding.