In anticipation of raiding this week

After the non-event that was last week in raiding, I am hoping this week will be different.

The 5.3 dust has settled and people are getting back into the swing of things - hopefully.  The excitement of patch has died down and people will want to raid, and if we don't raid, then attendance will be even more shabby than it was before.

Dahakha offered to level up to tank and that will be awesome when he gets there on his monk.  Sev considered gearing up his DK for tanking, but still a fair bit of gear to get and Sev hates grinding for stuff.

However, discussing with Exray how to balance his desire to help with raiding with his desire to play with his other friends I think we found an agreement.  He said he can help out 2 days a week, and for the last 2 weeks he didn't want to raid because he didn't want everyone to think that he was forcing everyone to drop to two days a week raiding just for him and annoy everyone.  I told him nobody thinks that, and they are all grateful that he helps out (he also raids on alliance) and that him raiding 2 days a week allows our tanks to get a bit of a break on certain days - like Raked on Sundays when he goes on his "culling" hunting trips.  Makes me wonder if we should just drop Sunday raids.  Anyway, with Falln back, I asked Exray if he could do Thursday and Sunday and if we don't raid Monday - oh well.  That suits me since I only like raiding 3 days a week anyway.  Our raid day is short though - 2 hours raiding doesn't achieve much so you want to get the most out of it, and Raked and Bish get sleepy at 11pm anyway.  Softies.

Fue is still out of action with his wrist RSI.  Last time he was gone for at least a month.  I doubt it will be any different this time.  Every time I ring him to see how he's going I cringe thinking he's thinking I'm nagging him about raiding - well, I guess I sorta am, tacked on at the end of the call - but I do care about how he's going!  Even if I'm nagging!

So fingers crossed for some raiding this week!  I am itching to try my new 5.3 buffs that don't seem to show up as well during PvP or LFR - especially mushrooms on Magaera and Jin'rokh.


  1. i dont mind tanking some of the time but i dont want to tank every night



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