Challenge Mode Noobs - Scholo, Brewery and Niu-Zao

The Challenge mode noobs are at it again!  I had a day off, Lush was on holidays and Luxy didn't have to go into the big town for work, so we were at home and Arv was online so we thought hey why not, CHALLENGE MODE TIME!

No Karn, so we had to find a replacement and Arv brought it one of his guildies, Zug, a warrior.  Then, we just started the instance and Arv had hot pockets wife agro so he left and Zug tanked up and we got Adoe (hunter) in.  I admit, I was a bit nervous with a tank I was unfamiliar with, but Arv assured me they were both pro.  LIKE THAT'S GOING TO REASSURE ME BECAUSE THIS IS ABOUT CHALLENGE MODE NOOBS NOT CHALLENGE MODE PROS!

First up: Scholomance

Scholomance is a long instance, with lots of bosses, and a fair amount of trash.  You can't skip the first trash (even that takes a while to kill), but you can skip a bit of trash by jumping off the staircase and engaging the boss as you fall down.  Those white circles on the ground?  BAD!  You must get out of them!  And those damn flying books dropping fire?  They actually hurt!  We had a few wipes with us standing in bad, or pulling an add... but we got it down.  Then we went out the room to pull some trash.

Jandice's trash was easy, and she herself was not terribly difficult.  For speed though, we should get the addon Barovhelper that helps you find the real image (that would also be good for the achievement as well!)  Every time we destroyed the wrong image, we got Flash Bang, which hurt and was damn hard to heal!  However, I died just after she threw the gravity well out.  Dumb me got hit by Wondrous Rapidity plus I had already had low health from all those Flash Bangs.  They killed it with just the Zug and Adoe.  Talk about pro.  I did laugh because Adoe said "40k DPS... man, I feel neutered."

Rattlegore at least was easy, and just like the heroic.  Nobody died there.

Then on to that trash before Lillian Voss.  It hurt!  No pulling lots of Karvers because they get a buff (Boiling Bloodthirst) from each thing killed!  We died...  when we came back we did it slower and then headed to Voss.  That fight was not bad, just had to keep running around and don't stand in bad and it was fine.

After that we went Professor Slate.  I made Luxy look at the painting with the ahh... eyes :P  We all took the potion so we could do Darkmaster Gandling.

It was messy!  We wiped the first time because the adds got me and Zug was ported, but the next attempt, I went to the top and jumped down.  Lush and Luxy were dead by the end and it was a slow kill but we got it even after all those stuff ups and got a bronze.

Next stop: Stormstout Brewery

We didn't know this, but apparently this is one of the harder ones to meet the times!

After our Gates of the Setting sun fiasco, we tried to make sure that we got all our mobs this time.  Trash wasn't a problem, and neither was the first boss Ook-Ook.  Why do I say that?   Because some NOOB healer somehow ended up OUTSIDE the room and so they did the fight without a healer (though Lush did as much healing as he could).  Healers are overrated anyway.  They didn't wipe though!  But only Adoe and Zug were left standing.

The next bit, Hoptallus was hard.  Still have to run through the gauntlet, and we wiped running through because I got stunned and died.  So when we came back again to do it, we each picked up a hammer and then got to Hoptallus.  That damn vermin.  We must have wiped at least 4 times on it.  Goddamn adds hurt... carrot breath really hurts... healing is heavy... but eventually we got it, but boy did we waste lots of time on that.

Down to the last boss, Yan-Zhu, and we had Bloat, yeasty elementals (who channel and heal him) and Wall of Suds.  My jumping wasn't ideal as I was getting stunned a bit on the way down, so I had to find a better spot to jump in.  The first time we didn't kill the yeasty elementals and the healed him back to full and by then we were overrun. Our next attempt we killed them but it seemed to take ages, but once they were gone they didn't come back and then back we went to killing the boss.  We got it down 10 minutes over the timer for bronze - but if we didn't die so many times, it would have been medal, we think!  Better luck next time!

Last Stop: Siege of Niu-Zao

We had to stop for lunch and Arv came back, Zug went to pick up a mate, and Adoe went to bed.  I decided to watch a video for a change and saw that they recommended that we kill the adds to get a stacking damage buff (which also increases the damage taken) so that everyone could go engage the first boss, Vizier Jin'bak, and he would melt like butter.  I had to blow cooldowns for the adds but the boss did go down relatively quick even though we only had the buff for 20 seconds or so.  We did it the same as heroic, standing off to the side to avoid the pool.

Moving along, we made our way through trash and headed to platform where the adds for Commander Vo'jak would come.  This bit was the same, as we lay caustic tar to slow and damage the adds.  But what killed us a few times was the Thousand Blades attack which would kill whomever got in their way.  More often that not it was myself or Luxy who died from it.  Lush even threw a few caustic tar on the boss to get rid of his Rising Speed but whenever he did a Thousand Blades he'd fling it all off onto us.

Then we decided to try having the boss on the lower platform so that it would take him longer to get to us.  That worked better for survivability but the boss fight was really long.  In fact, Luxy died first, then Arvash, whom I battle rezzed, then Arv died again and then Lushnek.  It was me and Zug and we thought we were goners but because of the distance between us, the boss would chase him, then run back to me, then chase him again giving me time to heal him up (after healing myself up).  We managed to get it down.  Phew.

After that we headed past the doors to the open field where General Pa'valak was found.  Like in the heroic, we bypassed a few groups and then carefully counted how many mobs we had so we didn't have another Gate of the Setting Sun not-enough-mobs-killed scenario again!  But we were fine, and so we engaged the boss.  It seemed very similar to the heroic encounter, and we didn't wipe.  Luxy might have died... again...

The last boss was easy, just like in the normal heroic.  We just scraped in our medal with 33 seconds to spare!  


  1. I want to do more noob runs!

  2. Sounds like that was fun, and yes it seems like hurrying through Stormstout Brewery would be a challenge for sure with all those nasty little beasties slowing you down.

    1. It was fun in that crazy way - challenge modes are addictive! We are by no means experts so each little step improvement feels awesome ;)

  3. Zug is so pro, he doesn't even need clothes to dps!

    1. He should just put them back on! This is a PG rated blog - most of the time :P

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