Challenge Mode Noobs - Bronzing the Monasteries

The noobs were at it again!  Last week we finished up some of our earlier SLOOOOW ass runs and learn from our noob mistakes to try again.

We returned to Scarlet monastery (it was the first challenge mode we ever did and we wiped a lot in the corridor after the first boss the first time and had an abyssmal timer).  We did it a lot better this time (except this time we wiped on the first boss, not sure what happened there!) and we used our invisibility pots to skip the fountain mobs and engage Brother Korloff.  It all seemed to go ok and we probably need to pick up our pace a bit so we can get that silver.  And bloody Karn needs to iceblock more IMO!  And Luxy needs an iceblock too LMAO!

Shado-pan Monastery was next.  Shado-pan Monastery scares me, because it's so long, and last time we were WAAAAY over the timer.  We managed to get over the bridge without dying this time but we died on Sha and had to run back anyway.  Karn kept releasing!!  It's a long run back so I have to really resist hitting the release button because you can't get rezzed if you release - it puts you back at the beginning when you rez.  We did a lot better on the last boss compared to previously (LOL still wiped though a few times, but we used Battle rezzes and Luxy popped to rez once) and still managed to get a Bronze - phew!  Took half an hour off our old time LOL so I was pretty pleased about that.

For Lush, Luxy and I, that one finished off our Bronzes for the dungeons, and Frostwolves got the achievement as well.

Last Saturday we went back into Niuzao Temple to get a bronze for Karn, and we wiped on the first lot of trash blobs... Oops, I wasn't ready and hadn't loaded up Arv or got my harmony up so that was my bad (and those adds really hurt anyway - I had to tree form it last time).  We sheepishly reset it and tried again.  We also then wiped on Vizier Jin'bak from the explosion, whoops!  After that we went to the next boss who was a nightmare for us the last time and we noticed there was a gong there.  Why was there a gong there?  We talked about it and dared each other to hit it and in the end I said I would hit it and it made the advance faster - at first I was like.. OH NO!!!  But then I realised that it's actually good for challenge mode because they come at you so damned slow and that helped a lot with the times.  We didn't wipe this time on the boss and we stayed up the top - not sure what happened there, maybe everyone was running to try to avoid the whirlwind and it went ok.  General Pa'valak went smoothly (but it always did) and Wing Leader wasn't an issue but it felt like adds took ages to die.  We shaved 15 minutes off our previous time, so every improvement is a great improvement.

Now, it's going to be a harder slog for us to get silver.  I feel like we do it so casually that you kinda forget what we did last time, but hopefully we'll get there.  


  1. They should take the CD away from reincarnation. Who is it hurting if I can pop every battle? It's my repair bill! Though no repair bills from CMs!

    Can't wait to start working on silvers!

    1. Haha that would mean you have no regard for your life! Yay can't wait for silvers!


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