Achievements this week

Patch 5.3 brought a whole lot more of new achievements and boy was it a busy week nabbing as many as I could.  Oh my goodness, where do I start!

Heroic Scenarios

People used to wonder what the point of scenarios was.  I liked them - group quests that you can do with 3 people without a tank and a healer with a little bit of valour as a reward, and a whole lot of achievements to entice you into doing them.  They were also great ways to get some lore across or gap filling that couldn't be done in quests, I thought!

Heroic Scenarios are actually quite fun and has made people do them again.  There are even little challenges in them for bonus valour that makes you want to actually try harder - I would often half ass my scenarios but in a heroic I actually have to pay attention!  The bummy thing is that you need a preformed group to do them and can't random them - I wonder if this is the way to make people group up again, bring some cohesiveness back into this game which has been relying more and more on random groups of people getting together to do content. Luxy, Moo and Lush were nice enough to do them with me!

Heroic: A Brewing Storm was the first one I tried.  It wasn't too bad - made us want to try more!  Those addictive little achievements popping up...

Heroic Blood in the Snow was a totally new one and boy did Luxy and Lush die.. A LOT!  I probably didn't help with me butt-pulling mobs everywhere.  However, we managed to get a few achievements in there.  There's this one for not letting the final boss get any heals off.

And this one for picking up all the healing baskets in the instance.  That was a nice easy one that you can do after you've finished the instance.

The next one I did was the Dark Heart of Pandaria, where we all got turned into goblins.  I look hideous as a goblin with my gear LOL!

The Secrets of Ragefire is another Goblin instance!   Nice to be horde in these things for a change (compared to all those Well of Eternity ones where I become a night elf or human like in A Little Patience).  Not letting any of the Gob squad die also nets you an achievement.

Heroic Crypt of Forgotten Kings is very similar to the normal and WOAH those traps really hurt now!

Came back to do it on normal with Arv and Luxy.

Battle on the High Seas had some hilarious hiccups.  Fighting waves of Alliance boarding parties, dodging cannonfire and then... getting from ship to ship.  So we thought you had to click the ladder to get on the ships, which meant swimming from ship to ship.  I made it but Moo and Lush got eaten by sharks which basically one shot them!  We tried it again, and same thing - I lived again!  Then we figured it out you use cannons and ropes to get across!!  And its actually pretty cool.

Came back on normal and got the achievement for not getting hit by any cannon fire.  I stuffed it up the first time at the end and got hit by cannon fire but we did it again and got it.

New Battleground: Deepwind Gorge

There are a ton of achievements there, and some are not too difficult.  This one is a bit stupid... too easy! Luxy told me to go jump off the mountain, literally!

And perfection is surprisingly easy when you can steal the other team's resources!

I got this when I was dead.  I was in the graveyard next to our base and Shab and Luxy killed the guy who tried to steal the cart.  Hey, I'm not complaining about free achievements!  That BG was quite funny actually, I had queued with Shab and Arv, and Luxy just happened to be in the same BG!

Lore: Darkspear Revolutionary

This achievement has so much involved in it, I reckon it deserves it's own post later!  But I don't want to make spoilers for people just yet...

Dungoen Achievements

Did the ones in Shado-pan Monastery.  Aza tanked on his lock and I healed.  Tacky, Luxy and Zwingli were with us.  I finally managed to bow to all those acolytes!  I wasn't sure I was going to get it...

Letting the Sha out wasn't hard (it's off to the side near the Big bad Sha).  I don't know why I hadn't done it earlier!

And this is easy with enough DPS.  You can pray once, at the beginning but at the end just let everyone get to 100%.

Now THAT, was an awesome week for achievements!  Wonder how next week will be?  I'm sure there willl still  be a few more to get!


  1. I absolutely loved scenarios! I got together with a few guildies to get the Scenaturdist achievement and I had a surprising amount of fun. Heroics definitely seem interesting, and I see there are quite a few more added since I did them last! Maybe I should log in. Maybe.

    Congratulations on all your new achievements!

    1. Well I can be the third wheel with you and disco as a welcome back after your week away. See you online soon?

  2. Points, points, points!

    Let's see what we can get his week!

    1. If I don't get at least one then it will be a bad week indeed!

  3. Holy cow did you sleep this last week? SO many achievements seems like it would take forever, I'm so jealous hehe! Gratz Gratz!! Gratz!!!

    1. Hey Starre! You know what it is, it's all that time I dont spend on the ah like you guys! Which is why I never have much gold! Our maybe I play too much. ..haha ;)

  4. You've been so busy, they are going to have to create more achievements just for you!


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