Achievement roundup this week

A couple of new achievements this week, though challenge modes pushed a few through - I'll have details in a later post though.

Kroshik was an egg this week!  I started this achievement quite late, as I never really knew about it - this achievement is to /bow to Kroshik in all his 4 forms (egg, baby, adult, sacrificed) because I think we saw big Kroshik and baby Kroshik a lot and started wondering about it.  This week,n Luxy reminded me to go and bow to the egg - because I am no longer doing dailies, that's probably another reason why I haven't been doing achievements there.

Now, I had been trying to get this achievement for AGES.  This is the one where you have to turn a cart 20 yards before you capture it.  Imagine my surprise when the BG started and I raced to the top cart with another player hitching a ride in my bike, turned it from neutral to horde, and found that doing that gave the achievement.  I thought it was only from turning an alliance cap to a horde one!  One more to go till I get Master of Silvershard mines (which is 100 games won).

Zeirah and Arv joined Lush, Luxy and I to do some dungeon achievements.  I had to *gulp* tank, and it was pretty awful!  However, we managed to get Bomberman for Arv and Zeirah and also Conscriptinator - which is really easy, I have no idea why we never did that before!  All you had to do was kill the big mantid before the last boss and stand under them to pick up the debuff and get 3 stacks of it by killing 3 big dudes.

We finished the last 2 challenge modes this week and got Challenge Conquerer.  Yay now to upgrade our times - slowly!

With the three Frostwolves in our group getting Challenge Conquerer, the guild got an achievement too!

Next stop - work on those Bronzes!


  1. Wow great roundup of Ach's for the week. That is so cool you've done all the challenge dgns, bring on gold now :) Ty for taking me along on the run with you guys, that was really fun.

    1. Gold... might be a while off yet! :) I am sure we will see you more often with more dungeon stuff :D Maybe even LFR!

  2. Why stop at Bronze? Let's go for Silver and the mounts!

    1. Walk before you can run, Arv! Bronze then Silver...

  3. Replies
    1. Gotta get bronze first! Though silvers are exciting to think about :)


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