Achievement roundup this week

Moo kindly offered to tank a dungeon for me earlier this week, so I asked if we could do some achievements.  He said yes - and we were hanging with Sev at the time and with one spare spot, Luxy was always happy to come - she seems to enjoy seeing us get achievements as much as we enjoy getting them.

Scarlet Halls

Well I have always sucked at throwing the food at the dogs (I always agro the guy before I throw the food, OR I am a total doofus and miss the guy with the food /facepalm) so I let the others do it.  Sev stuffed one up so we had to go reset it - ie run out and requeue.  You know, getting that done properly would be good for Challenge Mode.

This one had eluded me for some time.  You're supposed to get 8 people to get picked up in Armsmaster Harlan's whirlwind thing.  The Raid Achievement add-on is buggy - one time it said we had done it and it wasn't true - we had 4 picked up first whirlwind and then 4 in a second and I didn't think that was how you do it.  I thought we were going to all get picked up in the whirlwind (except the tank) with 4 adds and then kill the boss and that's how you get the achievement.  What ACTUALLY happened was a little different.  We got the 4 adds, but none of us got picked up in the Whirlwind but he picked up all the adds.  So we held onto those adds, and we were going to all jump into the next whirlwind but by then 4 more adds had come and he picked up all of them and then we killed him.  We got the achievement then!

Mogu'shan Palace

Another one of those ones we couldn't figure out exactly what to do in previous attempts.  Xin the Weaponmaster has all these funny weapons that shoot from all sides of the room - and there are 4 lions heads built into the wall, 2 each side, where some of those weapons come out of.  At 66% and 33% a red clickable gem forms in the mouth of 2 of these heads and they have to be clicked simultaneously.  We didn't know whether the boss had to be hit by the beams or what, but one of the cool things about the achievement is that you don't have to kill the boss to get the achievement, so when the laser light show starts (from you clicking the button) and you don't get the achievement then you can just wipe and do it again.

Isle of Thunder

Some of these quests in the Isle of Thunder have some funny achievements, so Lush and I decided to go and try and do some.  Speed metal was a relatively easy one once you know what to do - kill Metal Lord Mono-han with 10 stacks of power surge.  We hit him a few times but didn't know where the stacks came from so while I was kiting him around Lush looked it up - we had to kill the electrocutioners who are around the edges to get the power surge.  So off we went kiting the boss there to kill the adds and build up our stacks.  Because you have to be in melee range of the add when it dies to get the buff, I got each buff easily but Lush missed a couple and his stacks fell off so we had to start again.  I had just gotten mine when some helpful Alliance came along and killed him - not sure if they were questing or just helping, but I ended up with my achievement and so we had to get Lush's for him.  So off we went again killing the electrocutioners until he spawned and then Lush got his achievement.  The electrocutioners spawn frequently enough so don't get excited and kill them all at once, just do it one at a time to stack the buff - as you get to high stacks the buff lasts for 2 minutes before you have to refresh it with another kill.
Just to show where the Shan'ze Electrocuioners are - around those tables at the back in the boss area

This next achievement wasn't very good with me as my crappy tank and Lush as DPS - we didn't have enough DPS.  It requires 2 things - first you have to kill Guardian Tak'u with all the adds giving him the buffs, and then you have to kill him with all the adds dead before he activates so he doesn't get any buff.
Image from WoWhead
With all buffs active, he has an annoying heal as one of his buffs that you have to outDPS.  We couldn't do it - we were just that little bit short - but then a panda came along and helped out so we invited him to party so he could get the achievement.  That little extra got us our first part.  The second part was to kill all the 4 chanellers so he doesn't get any buff - you have 30 seconds to do that so with the 3 of us doing it, it was easy.

Somebody sure loves Captain Planet in this game :P

Me and my mate Nat

This achievement doesn't really need any introduction.

Thanks for the hat, Nat!  Now that should make my carp fishing a bit easier :D

Every week I think, gee, there won't be any achievements to get for next week.  MAYBE that will be true next week!  Can't be that many left that I can get easily...


  1. YAY! Gratz!!

    I will armory stalk you, I bet I can find heaps of easy ones!

  2. Congrats on those. Let me know if you need help with any others. We managed to get Mosh Pit unexpectedly about 2 weeks ago and I was surprised to get Speed Metal when I was doing my dailies the other week - esp when I tried doing it just after the section had opened. The executioners are also in the mine which gave be a straight path to the Metal Lord.

    1. Ah I didn't know that! I get lost on the Isle a lot, I would probably have lost the buff the way I meander through dead ends and things! :) Glad you got yours so easily.

  3. Grats on all those, I am fearful WoW might be history before I ever get to be bffs with Nat, I have so far to go.

    1. From someone who has INSANE... I find that hard to believe. :P


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