Achievement roundup this week

I was hoping to finally get a Lei Shen kill this week (people are always LEAVING when we get to Lei Shen forcing me to drop group as well), and when I queued for the last LFR, it was fortunate that we got in on a run that was on Lei Shen!  So I got myself a kill, and an achievement.

Finally!  Nomi had finished his cooking lessons and now I can have a daily Ironpaw token and some awesome high level food!  I am very pleased!  Though I am a nitwit - I should have taken the Rice Flour not the 100 year Soy Sauce.  I don't want to make banquets, I want Steamed Crab Surprises!

I went for some RBGs on Sunday night since raid ended early and won 2 games and lost one, but it pushed me into a new title!  Wooo!  I really do like Joubran's guild, they are always so nice to me - the actually even formed the team for me and let me bring some of my friends too.

On Monday night Sabre asked if anyone was doing those summoning things.  I don't think I've done any since the first week!  So I said I would, and Lush said he'd heal, so all we had to do was find some more DPS... Luxy had offered to help me summon and she had a few spare stones, and Sev said he would come as well.  Yay, a full 5!  So off we went to find all the ones I hadn't done, and Lush, Sabre and I got our achievements - thanks Luxy for the directions!  Sev still had a few to go but he wasn't fussed about getting them and he was keen to go PvP because Shab was waiting (technically, he wouldn't be able to go anyway since I'm on the team and I hadn't left yet).  It wasn't all smooth sailing though - I stuffed up the Ancient Mogu Guardian because I thought I had to stand on the cloud tiles, not the boss, so we wiped twice on that. Ooopsies!  What a waste of stones...  We also found that if you found one that was summoned by someone else and they abandon it and you kill it, you don't get credit for that kill on the achievement, even if you get loot.  The last one I needed was Spirit of Warlord Teng, and I had a giggle when I entered the cave - there was an amusing story to this spirit!

When Sev first did the Crumbled Chamberlain he went down to that cave to hand it in.  However, he didn't click on he question mark to hand in - for some reason he clicked the summoning stone and summoned the Spirit of Warlord Teng.  Well, that didn't go well, as he was solo.  He was a bit put out with the loss of his stones back then, and we were unsympathetically laughing at his misfortune for it was quite a funny mistake.

I also did my challenge modes and got those achievements, but gosh, what should I aim for next week?  There are so many I still need to get - some of which are quite easy!  Oh well, I'll see what I can achieve for next week!


  1. Grats on your achievements. I haven't been able to do any of the summons yet but hopefully I can get them all done soon.

    1. I can help! I have spare ones :D Just need to find a time when Cool is on as well so he can also get them done.

  2. I had to help, I couldn't let you lead people around and get them lost!

    Next week: More challenge modes!

    1. I was going to do it but when Lushnek realised that I still can't remember how to get to the goddamn raid instance from the starting area (unless I'm in a raid group and I see people there) then he said there is no way he would let me do it. I don't even know my way through the mines still.


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