A Click Healer's thoughts on the Razer Naga vs Logitech G9x

For some time now I have been having issues with my Logitech G9x mouse.  I do most of my healing from my mouse (since I use healbot) and though I have tried other methods and other things like Vuhdo, I find that this is the way that works best for me.
Now, I am just going to talk about my experience, and I am not trying to say healbot is better than others, but it's what I use and at least I know how it works.

I have 10 heals set up through my mouse

Left - Lifebloom
Right - Rejuvenation
Middle - Regrowth
Button4 - Swiftmend
Button5 - Wild Growth

I'm really bad at remembering which one is 4 and 5 when I set them manually but I know what they are when I press them (as in the back one is swiftmend)

I also use shift and alt with my mouse for more heals and spells
Shift+Left - Healing Touch
Shift+Right - Nature's Cure
Alt+Right - Cleanse (I use that on Horridon only)
Shift+Middle - Nourish
Shift+Button4 - Nature's Swiftness
Shift+Button5 - Ironbark

But for the last 6-8 months, button 4 and 5 have not been working very well.  You can actually see how sucky I was with my wild growths and swiftmends over those periods, because most of the time I would hit the button and nothing would happen but I would continue my normal series of casts before I realise it hadn't gone off.  In the end I wound up using my keybinds for it but it was a little slow going.

So, I looked around for a new mouse and decided to get a Razer Naga.  The number of buttons on the side made me very curious.  And from what I'd read, you could not bind all those buttons to healbot - they were actually just the numbers and symbols from your keyboard.  Which I thought *might* be ok.

When I first put my hand on it, I realised I had no idea what buttons my thumb was resting on.  Took some adjustment to make my thumb sit just right on those tiny little keys.  Lucky I have small fingers, so it's not that  hard to click.  But I can imagine, if you had a big thumb, it might be kinda hard.

Button 4 and 5 are now at the top of the mouse!  So that was annoying.  I switched them so that they are now where 3 and 6 are and I made 9 and 12 my mushroom buttons for placing and detonating.

I'm used to a heavier mouse, so this one is a lot more lightweight and that takes some getting used to.  It reminds me of Superman - not knowing your own strength.  It makes me wonder if I go back to my heavier mouse one day it will be like suddenly going to a planet with heavier gravity and I'll feel like I can't move my mouse around.

The best thing, really, is that my swiftmend and wild growth are working again.  Maybe now I can try Soul of the Forest, since that is a heavy swiftmend and wild growth talent, and try to get half decent at it.  And I wonder, if I look back at this post in a few months, whether I'll think how I ever lived without this mouse.


  1. It will be interesting to see how you get on. I've just been forced to change my mouse, and I have to say I'm not keen. However, I'm a bit tight and hate the idea of spending silly money on a mouse that I've not had chance to try - so I spent days trawling through Amazon and various review sites, trying to find the sweet spot of cheap enough, but not actually cheap quality. I originally had the Logitech MX518 and I have to say I found it very comfortable and easy to use. But there seemed to be some problems, at the time, with its replacement, so eventually I plumped for an Anker mouse. It has more features than the Logitech, including adjustable weight, an extra thumb button, easily adjustable dpi, etc.

    I really haven't gotten used to it yet tho .. not sure if I'll stick with it.

    I too use healbot .. tried flirting with Vuhdo a while back but it was just too feature rich for me. I don't even use healbot for removing debuffs - that's decursive's job. My main healer is a holy priest - she's doing her best to hold her own against disco priests and she's getting better, but changing both my mouse and the way I heal at the same time was difficult!

    Gah .. and how come I have problems logging in to comment using Wordpress? :P Keeps saying my openid credentials can't be verified. *sigh*

    .... ah .. think I've sussed it .. need lowercase! *rolls eyeballs*

    1. By the way .. I have a horrible suspicion that the main reason I plumped for the Anker was because i could alter the colour of the pretty light :P Such a girl ... ;-)

    2. You know, Sprowt, my kids like the Naga because the symbol keeps lighting up, and it attracts them like moths to a flame. My daughter asks me why there are numbers on the side of the mouse and I said it's so mummy can be lazy and use her mouse instead of using her keyboard.
      I had to google the Anker to see what you mean and now I'm curious what colour you set it to!
      I don't know why Wordpress makes it all weird :( A few people have said that to me too.

    3. Strangely, for a Hordie (generally), its set to blue ... partly because I find it fairly soothing, but also because you can only set the logo colour .. not the colour of the dpi lights or the scroll wheel. And as they're blue, it just didn't seem right being any other colour!

      Completely a gimmick and, yes, yet again, I got sucked in with a gimmick :P If I could have ALL the lights the same colour .. well gosh .. I'd be constantly changing it :P

      Edit .. and I've sussed (I hope) the commenting problem using Wordpress. It actually uses OpenID in order to verify Wordpress comments, so you have to "add trusted site" to openid in your settings in Wordpress. They do like to make these things complicated :P

      I did look at the Naga at the time, but I'm a tad bear like (as in Winnie-the-pooh, not BBB :P) .. I'm not sure I could cope with that many buttons .. too many things to remember ;-)

    4. Oops .. my edit ended up in the middle .. sorry!

  2. First it's raid posts now it's healing posts but that won't stop me. I fear the day my Razer Diamondback kicks the bucket because I haven't found anything else that feels right. And those lovely fancy ones with buttons on the side are on the WRONG side, lol. Why can't they make some for lefties, I guess they figure there aren't enough of us.

    1. Wow, you use your mouse with your left hand? Now I am impressed. Imagine if you could use all those teeny tiny buttons with your pinky finger... that would make you INSANEly awesome Ancient :)

  3. Curious why you didn't like Vuhdo. I used Healbot back in Wrath and was able to easily switch to Vuhdo (I was a resto druid at the time) using the exact same mouse keys.

    Of course Van doesn't like Vuhdo either and went back to Healbot once they fixed it.

    Healbot just has broken too many times for me to go back to it.

    1. I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it. Maybe I didn't give it a good enough go. I might try it again when I decide to go for a massive UI makeover.

  4. Trying to find a mouse you are comfortable with, as well as gives you functionality as a healer, can be a royal pain. For me it's even harder. Some 18 years ago I had a roommate who had a trackball type mouse. This same roommate also introduced me to computers and computer gaming. Seeing as how the trackball was the only mouse he had I had to use it and get used to it. Today I can't stand to use a regular mouse. I have to use one at work and it drives me bonkers.

    This is the mouse I use now, and have used for quite some time. I have two extras in case one of them dies/breaks.


    For healing this mouse works "okay". It has 4 buttons but I only use 3 of them. The little button on the inside edge of the "right click" button is in an awkward position and I can't get used to it.

    I love trackballs and wish they would develop more styles of them. It's just so nice keeping my hand/wrist/forearm still while my fingers do all the work. My dream trackball mouse would be one with the Razer Naga mini buttons where the large "left click" button is. The way the Trackman Marble is designed it looks like there is plenty of room to throw 9-12 mini buttons there. Sadly, I'm sure that not enough people use trackballs to make it worth their while to develop one with more bells and whistles.

    Also, I'm with koalabear...I use VuhDo and LOVE IT. I used Healbot all through TBC and most of Wrath. I found VuhDo when Healbot broke at one time back in Wrath and have never looked back. At the time it was more customizable then Healbot was (and I think it still is...not sure) but just as user friendly. I tried Grid and that one just confused the hell outta me. I also use it as my raid/party frames (I have the Blizz/Pitbull ones turned off). I even use VuhDo on my DPS/Tank toons for assists, pet heals, sheilds and the rare cleanse/decurse.

    1. You two make a convincing argument for Vuhdo! It was Lyss/koalabear who got me trying it in the first place. Maybe I will look at it again if I have time - and I get used to my mouse!
      One of my guildies used to love his trackball, he even played with the trackball in Vanilla - he doesn't now though. Though I admit I'm not sure how a gaming trackball works because I can't use one very well, but it's all about what works for you, right?

  5. Soul uses a Naga, and when he used to heal on his Shaman he had set up mouse over macros to use with it. So his mouse and all the buttons still worked as if he was using Healbot, but since it was all written in the game, they never broke (Until Blizzard completely changed totems, lol). Right before I quit I was in the process of looking into it myself. I mean, I absolutely heart Vuhdo, but I know that click healing is not ideal in arena. I might dredge up his notes on it all sometime :)

    I totally hear you about the button 4/5 thing! I changed mine to be 8 and 9. Honestly, I can never see myself using buttons 1, 4, 7 and 10. They're just too close to the desk for my liking :P

    1. Ah someone who understands my button dyslexia! I will have to ask him some time about his stuff ;)


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