Who's the fool? ME!

I have a confession.  I admitted it to Tome of the Ancient, but my blog has been quiet lately because of...


I bought it and that damn game has sucked me in so badly, I can hardly sleep.  You spend so much time concentrating trying to build up your city, then your budget goes out, then you have to let it run for a bit so you can make some money so you can actually do stuff, there's rubble and demolished buildings to bulldoze, you have your friend's cities that you want to stickybeak at...

I have had late nights ALL WEEK (like 2-3am) because I've been playing Simcity.  Straight after raid or dailies, I log over to Simcity.  The fact that it's the Easter Long Weekend just makes it worse because I feel like I have an excuse to stay up late.  It's been fun because McTacky, Faith, Hwired, Lushnek and Artemis are also playing and we're all in the same map.

But last night (or rather, this morning) I had a late night for a dual reason.  I was taken to BGs again with Cate's GM as they were short a healer.  And of course, I had Simcity running on the second monitor, so I could play that during down time.. like when I was rezzing... or while we waited for BGs to pop.

PvP has actually been quite exciting lately.  Hwired and Shab are really coming along with their 2s team, and to improve their skills we've been doing doing 2v2 challenges.  The hard part is you know your teammates well, and they know you well.  Hwired has been improving his PvP a lot - he is using more defensive cooldowns and survivability.  However the two of them are a crowd control dynamo with polymorphs, deep freezes, fears, silences and counterspells and the burst from Shab is hard.  You also can't leave Hwired alone because shadowpriests build up their damage to become a bloody nightmare.

As a restodruid/afflock combination, we're never going to win with burst, we only live through endurance and Sev ramping up damage with dots and fears.  My ccs are alright but my main problem is that I am still bad at pillaring.  I keep LOS Sev and he died and I would get out of range, or I'd come out in the open and BANG I'd be dead...  and Sev was getting cross at me for not removing his poly's fast enough.  Shab told me I need to pillar more, so I tried harder to do that.

We lost every match except the last one which was on mine and Sev's favourite arena - Blade's Edge, which is great for pillaring and using the portal to go up and down.  We managed to kill those two in that arena.  I think Shab and Hwired were quite pleased with their progress, and it's good learning for me and Sev as well.  Shab had a good laugh at me and Sev because he and I were not coordinating our portalling very well, I'd go up, and he'd go down, then I'd jump down as he went up and there was lots of F*** being screamed between the two of us.

After those exciting games, Shab needed to wind down.  I'm not sure how BGs can help him wind down especially if they were exciting, but we had a few good games.  Our first WSG was crap, but EotS and Gilneas were good.

And then Gate asked me to come RBG and I couldn't resist. OMG I stayed up till 4am because I said I would stop playing after we lost a game.  Their guild was pretty pumped, as we beat a few 1600 rated teams.  I was the "carry" as I had no rating - a strange concept because it's not like I don't BG or arena - but it may have helped them get some low MMR ratings.  EotS was good, as was the with a 2 cap and flag hold; Gilneas was awesome as I ninja'd Lighthouse and managed to run back and forth and do some nice healing; and Silvershard mines was a good game too.  I haven't done mines or temple as an RBG so I was not quite sure how they do it - but the other team in Temple was playing it very well.  They had people positioned for picking up orbs constantly, so as soon as they dropped one, someone picked it up at the spawn point 1 second later.  They never ran to the middle and basically kept the orbs out of our hands.  It was a different way of playing it and I thought it was well strategized.

The Twin Peaks we lost was frustrating, as was the AB.  There was an epic battle at blacksmith and we lost because they snuck a cap, but we fought there for AGES.  The Twin Peaks loss was from bad flag swaps - I have decided that flag swapping is BAD BAD BAD.  Goddamn rogues sneaking in and ninjaing it on the drop.

Anyway, it was awesome, I love RBGs, I wish we could get some going or I could go to more.  But I'll just have to take what comes :)


  1. LOL! I hope it's wearing off a little so you can get some sleep!

    1. I have imposed a self ban on the game after midnight!

  2. I've been thinking of picking it up but have been waiting until the crush wears down.

    I am not in that big of a hurry to wait to get online to play.

    Have you been having troubles with getting online?

    1. No it's been ok getting online but there are game bugs which annoy me - like my city getting too big and then crashes and won't let me back in.

  3. Always happy to do more training. Good for us too and I'm sure it'll pay off in 3's.

    1. I wish we were all in same 2s team so we could try diff combos. Maybe more war games?


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