Weekend PvP

It was a nice round of PvP for me this weekend.  I managed to conquest cap because of my conquest "discoveries" so I managed to grab an extra item this week.  I told Shab about it and poor Shab had to go and do all the scenarios for the area before he could start his dailies so he couldn't take advantage of those points.  He didn't need to do them anyway - more on that later.

Friday PvP was rather satisfying because with a full group of 5 we were just doing our usual half teamwork thing.  And I really felt like I needed to smash some Alliance faces to take a break from raiding and wiping.  We took Frostie with us on her priest, Priestietute (who was cross server from Frostmourne).  After a few warmup games we did our arenas so Sev and I could cap, and we had some good games that evening - not as many pesky rogues or boomkins as last week.  I've grown to love Blade's Edge Arena again annoying the crap out of people with my porting up and down - still haven't tried Sodah's wild charge tip yet.  I just never seem to lay mushrooms right.

Still trying to work on my pillaring for Nagrand and Uldum.  I ALWAYS end up pillaring myeslf from my teammates as they try to flush out the pillaring healer on the opposing team.  Hmm, speaking of arenas, what happened to the Orgrimmar one with the elevating pillars?   I haven't seen that arena for ages.

There was a enhance shaman team that smashed us the first time but when we got them again we paid them back.  It paid off to go tree for early for that one.

When Frostie went to bed we grabbed Dah for another game before it was too late and we had to sleep.  At least it was a win to go out on!

All this week, I had been busy every time Joubran's GM has whispered me with a spot for RBG, but when raid was forced to finish early on Sunday because Raked's game died for some unknown reason (there was much mirth over a Google search of the error message) I thought I would take the opportunity to RBG.  Joubran's GM was running a low rated team since he was conquest capping his mage, who had recently hit 90.

I asked if I could bring a friend - I knew Shab would love to come for an RBG - and so I brought Shab.  He only got 2 games in, but he won both games, so he was super pleased about that!  The first game, Twin peaks, was really hairy, and we scraped a cap in at the end.  The tension and adrenaline was high in that one!  The Temple game that followed seemed more like a random BG than a rated - I didn't feel like the other team was very organised, and we weren't super organised either, not like that other Temple game I did with the same group a while ago, where the opposing team was like a well oiled machine.  Anyway, Shab was pretty pleased with his performance in those BGs, and happy about the conquest cap as well, as he had pulled his weight and proven himself even with no RBG rating.

I hung around a bit longer, and it wasn't long before Basilio showed up and he said that Joubran was getting online soon.  I was happy because I enjoy doing RBGs with her guild much more when she is there!  She wasn't going to RBG as she was feeling a little down in the dumps so I gave her a Corefire Imp to help cheer her up - who doesn't love pets when they're sad? :)  Anyway, perhaps she felt bribed after that so she joined for 2 RBG - unfortunately both were losses but we had fun healing together.  The AB was pretty ordinary and I could not ninja cap stables to save my life, but Temple was even worse.

"I hate carrying orbs," I said to Joubran.  "It's just a death sentence because when the enemy team sees HEALER WITH ORB = SQUISHY KILL IT"
"I don't like mines," said Joubran.
"I don't mind that so much, I just feel really useless in this BG," I said.

The other team had 3 with the orb standing in the middle and SO MANY STACKS and nobody could seem to be able to get to them to kill them!  We also were one man down - Joubran's GM was afk because power was failing.  At the end of the game, when those guys finally died, Joubran and I both picked up orbs and stood next to each other healing each other and I emoted her how I hate carrying this ball, but the game ended so nobody came for us anyway.

I did a couple more games, 2 with the higher rated mains which was a bit stressful but we won!  Two WSG wins gave me an achievement and a little more rating - but it's the highest rating I've had for rated BGs ever so it was exciting for me!