Wednesday raiding - Scooping Da Poop

3 people sitting out!  Gosh, if Az was here, that would be 4 people sitting out of a raid.

Starting off in ToT this week, yay!  I am not raiding on Thursday so it's good to be able to get a turn in.  Bish offered to sit out this week, so me and Lush and Soul were healing.

I felt better this week - I wasn't the healer stuffing up for once LOL.  Soul was being the winner on those stakes - he was having a shocking time in Jin'rokh!  The first time he got the orb in the water and blew up the raid.  He apologised profusely!  Then the next attempt he died not once but TWICE!  Super squishy pally!  So the poor bugger, I teased him about it because it was him being the dimwit this week (since I was the dimwit last week).

Trash was funny.  In the trash before Horridon, Roshii was afk and I thought he was gonna get blown off, and Hwired saved him with a lifegrip.  Then Roshii was standing again in the path of those ghosts so Lushnek used his symbiosed lifegrip on him, but Roshii suddenly decided to be un-AFK at that point and ended up running off the bridge.  "What the hell was that!" yelled Roshii.  But it was hilarious and a great time waster.  Fue might not have been impressed.

Dinopoophead is getting there.  We are consistently at or through the 4th door, but mana and heals is holding us back.  Tanks are splatting.  That last attempt, I died because I was on the wrong side of Horridon and I was running from one side to the other to join the raid and he charged me and I died from hesitating.  Damn, if I'd lived, I wonder if that attempt would have been more awesome. Then Raked died in one attempt and Falln was being a dobber. "Raked ran into an orb!  I saw him!"  Heh.  Poor Raked.  And those curses are the damn POOPS.  I was quite lazy with dispels on the last attempt.  Mana was good that go though!  But I died with 75% mana so that was pretty STOOPID BLAH!

If Raked doesn't have soccer training tonight then they'll be going in again.  Otherwise it will be Terrace.  I secretly hope that they don't kill it without me because I want to FRAPS it, but if they do then I will be just as happy that dinopoophead is dead, so either way is win!