Wednesday and Thursday raiding - Getting close on that turtle

Wednesday raiding went really smoothly. I thought that Council would be difficult but with everyone on the ball, it went down and I even had a bit of mana to spare.  Aza got some awesome upgrades with a rolled thunderforged (the same item dropped as a raid loot as well!) and Raked, Soul and Bish walking away with gear from the raid.  We had another giggle when we saw the video again at the end of Council because Soul STILL wasn't in it.  Fue has decided that it's an alphabetical order thing - Soul is the last alphabetically.  Poor Soul!

Tortos is going quite well.  We made solid progress on it getting it down to 7% before we wiped (Roshii had died ages ago - just think if he had lived it might have been dead!).  After that I think people were getting tired.  Bats weren't getting away all the time, just some of the time, and Soul and I went through a healer dying phase - Bish has somehow managed to NOT die anymore, what the hell has happened there? :D  I am sure awesome new computer helps!

I am having difficulty placing myself to do a tranquility.  It's funny reading about other druids doing the fight, saying "I symbiose a shaman for Windwalker's Grace" - well yeah, that's fine for them but I can't do it coz we have no shamans!!  I didn't like standing in the middle to heal because of turtles interrupting me and standing way to the side I miss half the raid... and so I was standing between Tortos's legs because I can get all the melee and not get any turtles!  However, the melee don't like me standing there because of rock falls on them, and when I stood on the other side I was getting killed by rockfalls but now Soul is bop'ing me so that's not such a big deal.  Interestingly the two times I didn't tranq for that stomp, the tanks both died soon after the stomp, so I think maybe I should continue doing tranq.  Some of the videos I watched, the druid didn't tranq at all!  I also was throwing mushrooms at the melee - remembering to pop them was the hard part!  I think the other thing I need to do is throw more rejuvs around as well.  But it was pretty good otherwise.

I was feeling a bit down yesterday because we didn't get Blizzcon tickets - so hard to get in the queue quickly!  So that, and being sub-par healer in the raid yesterday added up to me being a little despondent.  I wanted to go and PvP afterwards, to make myself feel better, but no takers unfortunately.  I ended up fishing - that was relaxing.

Well, Sunday is the next big day - more raiding, and also second round of Blizzcon tickets!  Fingers crossed I will be lucky :)


  1. /hugs! That evil Mr. Turtle will die soon.

    Fingers and toes crossed that you get Blizzcon tix!

  2. I don't agree with the alphabet thing because Van was the one not in our cut scene but Zug was.

    It might just be a loading screen thing. I dunno.

    But grats on the progress on the turtle!! I have a better feeling about him after seeing it in normal. By the time we called the raid I was getting better about positioning.

    I am pretty sure you guys will get him down this weekend! :D

    And good luck with getting those tickets!!! :D


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