Sunday raiding - Dead Dino YAY!

Talk about an a great fight - Horridon was excecuted perfectly!  No deaths, and we one shot it on the first fight of the night!  Unfortunately Lushnek skinned the damn thing before we could get a group shot :(

On the first door, with Hwired calling out when he was going to mass dispel, it was great for saving mana for us healers.  We would dispel when he couldn't.

On the second door, not a single poison went out.  Good work on those interrupts guys!

On the third door, we got the diseases off, and nobody got excessively low - not even Raked.  Big heals, and cooldowns and good healing by all 3 of us (Soul, me and Lush) and good dispels as well - though there were some people on six stacks of disease...

On the fourth door, the adds were really well controlled and nobody was eaten by bears.

Next thing you know War God was down, and he was dying nicely.  The tanks did their swaps really well and nobody went splat and then onto Horridon.  I had 66% mana and Lush was out so I innervated him and we just healed to keep everyone up, watching Horridon's health ticking down.

"Oh My God..." said Roshii, "Come ON!"

"Don't say it," said Fue.

Health is ticking down.. 5 million... 3... 1... OMG.

Lots of cheering on vent!

We had to DE an item - a mail chest that Souglyy didn't want because she had tier chest.  A shame!  The other item was a caster staff which Hwired took.  Roshii rolled bracers and I rolled a ring.  Yay!

On to council, and our first few goes we just went SPLAT from the frostbite, but after we got that a little better sorted, it was better.  We had some small progress and looking forward to attempting it tonight.

I wonder how many attempts we'll have at this!  Good work Frostwolves!


  1. A strat we finally successfully used on council is a little different from most found on the web. Start the fight with NO dps on Sul (this way he will empower 2nd) and most dps on Frost King and a little on Priestess and Kaz. Two advantages here, Sul's empowerment is MUCH easier to deal with with only 2 sand adds, and you should only get one frostbite while Frost King is empowered.

    Most strats suggest to leave Sul to empower 4th which is fine if the raid can put enough dps on him to kill him before he empowers, but we found he would empower and just destroy the raid with about 10 sand elementals up that seemed to really like the tatse of resto druid flesh - attempt after attempt. After we switched to empowering Sul 2nd we knocked it over in about 6 attempts. Keep one or two melee on him for the rest of the fight until he dies. When he's dead you've pretty much won the fight.

    1. Hey Sven! Thanks for the strat tip, I wonder if my raid leader will let us try it out. Grats on your kill :)

    2. I must say that strat has promise. We swapped over to it when we realised we wouldn't get sul down before his sandstorms when having him 4th, and it seemed to work pretty well. If only we realised the sandstorm did damage too :P

    3. Haha yeah - he still casts sandstorm - but there should only be 2 (maybe 3) sand elementals to deal with and healers will still have the mana to cope with it.

  2. Nice! Grats on the kill, Frostees!

    1. Thanks Arv :) Come on you guys, you can do it! I am waiting to be your cheer squad!


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