My week in PvP

There were some interesting games when I was PvPing this week!

On Thursday, Shab was in an uncharacteristic snit, having had bad bgs all night.  He had actually deserted a bg which is very unlike him, he was that mad!  Anyway, so that meant he couldn't BG with me and Hwired/Narishma so he and I went off on our own.

We only played 2 games and we won them both, but it was the second game which was interesting.  It was a Twin peaks and this was our team makeup.

Crazy.  We had 8 healers!

I thought it was going to be a bad game, but it turned out that we won with 3 caps to 0.  A huge surprise!  I guess once we got a flag it was gonna be damn hard to get it off us with that many healers around.  I was surprised our 2 DPS could kill the EFC.

On Friday our arenas weren't that good.  Rogues are really painful at the moment, and it just seems like they can forever cloak and vanish.  I swear I dot them up and they still vanish!  Surely cloak of shadows has some sort of cooldown!  We won a couple and then we did BGs instead, and had a really nice run of BGs.  Dahakha joined us again for that and reluctantly even I admit that Temple was fun.  I even got to hold the ball for an extended period of time!  But we were holding 4 balls so nobody could really get near us anyway.

We invited Hwired to our 3s team for a bit of variety, and we did our first 3s with him this evening.  Our first 2 games were losses and I did noob it up by cycloning the burst target... Shab had that resigned voice "Navi... you cycloned the mage..." and I felt terrible!  Our first game was against a DPriest, SPriest and mage, which was a scary combo but we lasted for a long time.

The second game was a DK, warlock, priest who also killed us but our winning game was against a rogue/warrior/DPriest and Shab died as well as the warrior, and that left us with the mage and priest.  Hwired and I were running all over the place with that rogue trailing and I was freaking out the priest was just going to stand around free healing or doing lots of dominate mind (there was one game we did yesterday where the priest kept dominating mind and it was SOOO ANNOYING, because if the healer has time to do that... means not enough pressure on the team.  Somehow the rogue was being burst down by Hwired and I managed to get a cyclone off at a good time so that Hwired could kill him.. Phew!

And one thing I need to keep reminding myself... is that I need to spend my honour!!  I sit around with honour cap for weeks and I could have bought heaps of stuff to DE into shards by then!


  1. Not such a successful week this week, but I still had fun. And don't worry about the noobclone, I've cc'd the wrong target plenty of times. Ask Sev :P

    1. I wonder if Sev managed to cap this week? Yes, you have had your fair share of being yelled at :P

  2. The nice thing about fear is that even when I CC the wrong target, it usually helps anyway. No dot removal, no invulnerable enemies at 10% health ... just someone with even less chance of casting a spell or running away before they die. :p

    1. Yes yes rub it in. Just churn our more fears would ya :P


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