Monday raiding - Hydra-phobia

A new boss to look at today!  Having done Magaera in LFR, I wondered if it was the same, but assumed that the splash damage and poisons did more damage than in LFR.  I wasn't too far off.

Fue had wanker's cramp a sore wrist so he said he was going to rest it for the rest of the week.  He might have said for the rest of the month... Soul has man-flu so he can't get on.  Damn those soft sickly pallies.

Raked: That must be the worst injury a gamer could have.
Me: He still has his other hand.
Raked: Well.. maybe being blind then.
Roshii: There's this guy who plays WoW and he's blind, and he's in a pretty progressive guild too.
Me: He's got an item named after him!
Raked: Well FINE!  How about both hands cut off?
Me: I wonder if you can play with your feet.
Raked: I give up!

There are a number of ways to deal with the heads of Magaera.  She's a hydra and to beat her you have to kill 7 of her heads.  She has 3 different coloured heads - red, blue and green.

The red heads deal fire damage, the green ones do nature/poison damage and the blue ones do frost damage.

In LFR, people only seem to kill red and green heads, and move back and forth from two spots.  Apparently this is the hardest technique on normal mode because you need higher dps.  However, it's the one most people are familar with.

It is interesting listening to the DPS talking about what is manageable from a raiding point of view.  As there didn't seem to be an enrage timer, they killed the heads down and for the first few heads it was ok.  However, damage ramped up ENORMOUSLY when we got to the 4th head.  Mana was depleted by the 4th head!  And by then, we couldn't heal up people anymore with cinders.  Healing cooldowns were sorted out but we probably needed double cooldowns from head 4.

We tried playing around with the blue head for a bit, and the ice kiting was unfamiliar so we had some issues with that and decided we didn't like it.  Back we went to the Red/green method.

However, I'm not sure about our mana.  It was really hard on the healers, and perhaps we just need to rotate our CDs better.  Also, we were missing spellpower without Az there, making our healing even worse.

Hope we can get there again next week!


  1. Katzbalger-ArthasApril 30, 2013 at 7:57 PM

    Easiest way IMO is to go G-R-G-R-B-R-G, with lust going out during the rampage on last Red. That way you only have to deal with kiting ice for the last 2 heads and 1 of those has been burnt down with lust so the actual dps phase after rampage, when the ice kiting is going on, is shorter than usual. Healer CD rotation is pretty important here and any other raid cd's to help them need to be used to, like demo banners/rally cry, totems, amz, whatever your group has available.
    You should only have the melee stood by the heads, heals and ranged should be spread out as far as possible and running from poison bombs as much as they can, those deal less damage the further you are from them, so if they target a ranged and the ranged runs out of it as far as they can get, it's less damage to your melee/tank and to the other ranged who're spread out, that'll save a bunch of mana.

    1. Thanks for that tip Katzbalger! I hope we can give that a try next week, and thank you so much for dropping by :D

  2. I saw Magaera for the first time on normal last week, though my new team has been in there a few times now so they felt pretty comfortable; they went with the straight red/green method and I was worried when I heard that because I thought it would be really difficult to heal though. Its a great fight for mushrooms, stack them where you'll move for rampage and you should have enough time to have them charged for each stack time. It's the first time I tried the displacer beast talent too and its fantatsic - you can blink between stack points and blink away if cinders is on you.. I dont know how I lived before I had displacer beast :D.
    Good luck for next week, you'll get there again for sure :)

    1. I did a mushroom stack for each rampage, but boy was mana tight still! We also used a CD each rampage since we had one available for each. I will have to try displacer beast, since I had feline swiftness on. Thanks Zeirah!


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