Minipost: Things about Conquest points I did not know

I was looking at my conquest points today and I noticed that I had 150 points over conquest cap for arenas. How did I get that?  I didn't win any rated BGs... however I did play one rated and we didn't win.  I so did not realise that you get conquest for LOSING a rated BG.  Gosh, then a whole bunch of people could play half heartedly just to get the points cap!  I guess this is part of how Blizz wants people who are joining late in the season to catch up.

The other thing I didn't know was about the Sunreaver dailies on the Isle of Thunder.

I knew that you could choose between PvE and PvP dailies, and I've never chosen the PvP dailies because of the Valour points you get.  However, what I DIDN'T realise is that those conquest points go ABOVE your arena/BG cap, so you can get an extra 350 points above your conquest cap from arena/BG without having to do rated BGs.  That's 50 points off the max cap if you aren't getting the extra conquest from high ratings, but it's better than nothing, right?

So yay, extra conquest points are cool!


  1. Did not know that either. Nice find!

    1. I might find you on the isle doing dailies now LOL! Either that or pugging RBGs :)


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