Minipost: Sunday and Monday raiding - Turtle power

Tortos looks hectic on LFR and it's just as hectic on normal too.  We were running with 3 melee to start with 2 ranged and the turtles weren't going down fast enough so we could kick it into the boss to interrupt the breath.  Bish is back with his super computer, and he came back, shaped and his comp performed better than when he wasn't shaped.  So we got Lushnek to switch back to boomkin and me, Soul and Bish were healing.

It is nice that when you zone in, it plonks you right at Tortos, just like in LFR.  And also nice there isn't heaps of trash.  Though, those bats... are painful.  Lucky we can CC them,  but even then it's a dicey thing sometimes.

However, we're getting some progress!  Tonight we got it to 30% but the thing that stuffs us up is healing the tanks and kicking the damn turtles.  They die in funny places and people can't reach them and then by the time the boss is about to do a breath nobody is there to kick it.  I want to try to kick one but I'm worried I'll kick it the wrong way or something.

Aza is back, so yay!  Health stones, spell power, awesome DPS - what's there not to miss about Aza?

Let's hope we can get Council down on Wednesday so we can go again!  Think we'll hit the magic 60 again?  We've used up about half our goes already!