Griefing doesn't pay

Souglyy and Roshii have been farming those Zandalari Warbringers like there's no tomorrow.  Mounts drop from them, 3 different colours, and they hadn't seen one drop yet.  They used to do it on their mains (hunter and rogue) but there were changes to pet tanking with it and taunting and the warbringers cannot be taunted anymore, so they switched to a tank healer combo from their bevy of alts.

I found my first one the other day and I asked them to come along so they could get the mount, and I could get part of my achievement Zul'Again done because I have difficulty killing those things if I'm not partied up.  Lushnek was with me as well.  And wouldn't you know it, a Jade Primordial Direhorn dropped!  I passed it and Souglyy won it and she was so pleased.  Lush was keen on the BoA rep stuff but Souglyy won them both as they both greeded, but it's not tradeable once you win it which was a bum.  The stuff they drop is pretty cool!

Great for getting rep for alts!  Each one gives 2200 rep when you have the guild perk + the bonus commendations from your main.  Helps you bypass that golden lotus rep for your alts, as well as pushing them into the recipes you need!

So on maintenance night, before shutdown, Roshii and Souglyy were off farming Warbringers again, and they came across one.  There was a single alliance hunter DPSing some mob off to the side, so they thought he wasn't engaging the mob.  However, as he saw the approach, he turned and engaged the Warbringer.  Well, they knew he was not going to be able to solo the mob, so they sat and waited for him to die so they could grab it after.  The hunter died, and so then they engaged the Warbringer.  Well, the hunter was not happy, so when he rezzed, he flagged himself and stood right under the Warbringer, so Rosh and Souglyy were very careful with their DPS.  They killed the Warbringer and moved onto the next one, without getting flagged.

The hunter followed them to the next one and then had a shaman friend come and try to taunt the warbringer off but it can't be taunted.  After Souglyy and Roshii killed that one, they went to the next and the two alliance followed again, then both flagged up.

Lushnek was partied up with them and had been afk doing some work, but he came back to find the shaman was spamming Roshii for a duel as they waited for a Warbringer to spawn.  As he flew over, Roshii and Souglyy asked Shab if he would mind coming over to help get rid of the griefers, and Shab said he would.  So Lush landed, and managed to kill the shaman and then the hunter started killing Lushnek.  Shab turned up as the hunter killed Lush and returned the favour, so Roshii and Souglyy could camp in peace.  Souglyy had a big giggle after that, it made her day to see those annoying guys get their just desserts.  They had been following Souglyy and Roshii for 40 minutes!

The warbringer was up by then and so the group of Frosties killed it and then the alliance duo hung around a little more, so Shab and Lushnek killed them a few more times.  They flew away after that, and pulled a warscout, but Lush and Shab decided to teach them one last lesson and killed them again and then killed the scout, and left the poor alliance in peace after that.

All I can say is... I'm glad that I'm not on a PvP server.  Camping those things must be an absolute nightmare!


  1. Lol, that's pretty funny, griefers can be pretty stupid at times.

    Grats to Souglyy on the mount! You won't have any problems farming for the mounts on Drak. Maybe competing against other fellow Hordies, but with the small pop and even smaller Alliance base, you hardly ever have to worry about any PvP, lol.

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have tried to plan ahead and kill a mob first next to a rare so I don't get killed only to have another player kill the rare right out from under me, alliance or horde. The only difference I can whisper the alliance character. As frustrating as it is I do realize there are two fighting sides and shit happens. When a horde character does thus to me I /hug them.

    1. *this

      And I too would hate to be on a PVP server

    2. So frustrating! But at least you are good natured about it. Though I wouldn't have harangued the others so much, perhaps they at least learned a lesson from it.

  3. it was fun to see them run



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