Friday PvP

I got on a bit late last night but the gang was there and we queued up a few BGs before we did some 3v3.  Two EoTS and they were nice wins, even hanging with Gutsy's undergeared mage.  He asked Shab for lots of spec and talent advice.

The second EoTS made me and Shab sleepy so he suggested we do some arenas now.  I was worried because I don't like doing arenas when sleepy.  But I forgot, that doing arenas wakes me up because of the adrenaline rush.

We had some really good games.  Some interesting combinations were seen - there was a triple priest team which I thought was going to be terrible and it was.  Double shadow and a Disc priest fearing and life swapping and dotting us up was annoying.  In the end we couldn't get them down but we did get pretty close on the priest before he healed right back up.

There was a double DK and paladin combo that we beat the first time but the second time I was smashed so we didn't do so well that time.

Had a mirror of our team, and the boys killed the druid, that was good.  Then we had the priest, warrior, warlock team, who were annoying the crap out of me with dominate mind.  They killed the others and while I was running around, I moused over them and I realised that I knew them!  These guys were from Joubran's guild and I run RBGs with them (and they obviously recognised me!).  So they let me go, sat down, and I waved to them and tried to emote them but it was a bit difficult, so I afk'd out of the game (well, logged out).  However, we tried to make a strategy against them, because their opener was going to be predictable.

The warrior would rush over to us as we tried to hide behind a pillar to flush us out with a fear.  The warlock would dot us up while the priest would dominate mind as the warrior killed a caster.  So, the solution was to kill the warrior whilst he was far from his healer and stop the healer from mind controlling me.

We came up against them again, and using that technique, the warrior went down.  After that cleaning up the other two was easy.

However, we came across them again in Blade's Edge and their tactic was different this time - they killed me.  Which was probably the better option since they knew that I would be healing my teammates up.  We'll have to think of a counter to that next time.

Shab and I were secretly trying to get Sev to 1550 and we him to 1530 before we dropped back again.  I think Sev would be pretty chuffed getting 1550, since Shab and I got that earlier in the week when doing arenas with Hwired.  I don't think I could play the higher ranks - I'm just not that good!

Anyhow, some really good games there.  And you know what, I didn't realise I could change talents and glyphs during prep time TOME FREE.  Think of all the tomes I could save from all that respeccing!