Friday PvP and an informative resto druid video for arena

It was a really good run on Friday night.  We won most of our BGs, and we also won 3/4 of our arena games as well.  I bought two upgrades - I got my weapon and I bought a gloves as well.  The weapon is pretty awesome looking, I don't think I even want to mog it, it matches quite well with the whole scary look!  Except the green glow from the enchant mucks it up a bit.

I logged on early in the afternoon and found Arvash was getting back into PvP.  He queued us for Temple which was horrible, and then again for another horrible match.  Then we did mines and won two so that was fun.  By then it was bedtime and we did a random heroic and the priest there had a very cute mog which I took a pic of, and the monk said to me that my transmog looked very similar to their druid's!  Heh, guess my classic look isn't that unique anymore, huh!

Friday night was arena time.  We had a really fantastic arena match against a boomkin, shadow priest and a paladin.  It was probably one of the longest games we've had in a while.  The interesting part was their damage wasn't particularly high, but their cc usage was good (and annoying) and we had to tune our ccs as well.  Paladins tonight in the teams we were up against didn't seem as squishy as normal.  There was one team which had a holy pally, DK and I forget the other, but we could not even make a dent in their health.  We even did well against triple DPS teams, we came across two double hunter teams and fortunately we won both of them.

Shab sent me some stuff to watch, and this video he sent me made by Sodahz.  One of the bits that caught my attention the most was that he specifically mentioned mage/warlock as a combo, and said that it was a good combo.  A few of his videos show him and his mage/lock arena mates.  Here are some of the really eye-opening things he said that made me want to get back online to do more arena.
  • Mass entanglement for Sev - rooting all those melee is great for him and I know rogues and warriors kicking and pummelling him keep him pretty locked down, I wonder if he'll notice if I choose this talent.  However, it shares diminishing returns with Shab's frost so maybe not so good when playing with a mage, but something to think about for our 2s.
  • Wild mushrooms.  Shab kept telling me about the mushrooms up on the platform in Blade's Edge arena and wild charging them to get up, but I haven't had the opportunity to try.  Also, they now heal for a lot.  I know they can heal for a lot - I use them in PvE all the time.  But getting my teammates to stack is another thing.  Perhaps I can use Sev's portal as a stack point. Or maybe use them as my emergency heal point.
  • Soul of the Forest.  That was pretty good as a PvE talent in Dragon Soul, and I used it then, but hadn't used it since.  Imagine, every swiftmend, my next spell (like cyclone) has a huge haste buff!  and my hots will tick quicker too for fast heals.
  • I have reluctantly taken displacer beast, because the change without the prowl seemed a bit meh to me.  However, I used it a lot on Friday night, so maybe I will keep it.
  • Cenarion Ward is usable whilst silenced.  However, I don't really want to use it over Nature's swiftness though.
Dahahka joined us for some BGs, and we had some good wins in mines games - and some not so good wins.  You think any win is good right?  Well, I was trying to be polite and we won one game and said gg and Sev and Shab told me off.
Sev: That wasn't a gg Nav.
Shab: You'll encourage them to play badly.
Sev: Nobody was defending carts!  They would just all run off to farm HKs and leave me with the cart and then I'd get overwhelmed.
Which was true.  Mines is a game of defending and coordinated attack.  Running off just to kill people loses you games, though having 8 people stack on a cart to win one cart also loses you games.

However, we had an abyssmal Strand.  It came after Dah said he was enjoying all these wins.  YOU NEVER SAY THAT LOL!  The opposing team was VERY good at cc'ing the DPS.  Sev did not get off the beach, nor did Dah, from chain CC.  Alliance smashed their way to the relic almost unopposed and that left us less than a minute to get there, and they cc'd us on the beach.  It was very well played.  When we left that game, Hwired said Don't worry, next one is in the bag.  We all groaned again... HWIRED!  So the next game that popped was Strand again.  And the strategy was very similar.  They held us down a bit but we had a small break and we managed to slow them a little, but only about 15 seconds better than the previous game.  We grumbled but when it was our turn to attack, Alliance seemed to lose their resolve and seemed bent on farming HKs.  They held me down and Sev and 2 others managed to smash their way unopposed all the way to the relic room and capture it with 5 seconds to spare.  Talk about close!

A good week in PvP.  Shab told me to gem for resilience so every upgrade I get will gem resilience and ignore the bonuses.  See if that improves my survivability a little.


  1. Grats on the scary new staff! It does indeed coordinate perfectly with your outfit! :D

    1. Thanks Kam! It does look scary, doesn't it!


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