Dominating Darkmoon with lots and lots of help

Pandarian rares are not the only thing that seem to be easier to find these days with the new patch.  Darkmoon Faire is also a lot more accessible.

Look at me in November 2012!
Months ago, I got my first Darkmoon Pit Fighter trinket.  I have made many trips back to the Darkmoon Arena but great groups of people would often be there ready to fight for the trinket.  Even earlier this year, it still wasn't easy to get.  I would have Aza, Sev and Shab with me, and we'd have a fun time fighting and dying as we tried to stop people from getting that chest.

However, this week, it's been really really quiet at Darkmoon Faire.  Maybe people forgot it was on.  For whatever reason, there is nobody in the arena and you can walk in and walk out with the trinket without a fight.

This Darkmoon Faire, however, was all out of whack.  I went at the correct time (the chest spawns every 3 hours from midnight) and it wasn't there.  Daylight savings was also this week, so I thought perhaps that put it out of whack.  And it had.  It turned out that the chest was spawning at 11pm and every 3 hours instead of midnight.  Early this week, I logged in at the right time for the chest (9pm) to find Luxy (on Luxygaga) standing right next to me.

"Woah! You're here!" she said.
"You know why I"m here," I said.  Well, it was probably the same reason she was there.  I told her that I had logged on this same time the previous day and hadn't seen the trinket.

Roshii and Souglyy were on their way as well, for Luxy had asked them to come get it.  We all acted silly then Souglyy said I should fight Roshii, so I left group and he reluctantly attacked me and killed me.   However, he felt bad but I didn't mind - you can't cry over dying in a fight when you PvP!  If that was the case I'd be crying every time Sev, Az and Shab kicked my ass.  I wished I'd lasted a bit longer though - felt a bit silly LOL.

Anyway, got my own back when I turned up at 11 though with Sev and Shab in tow.  I told Shab to kill anyone who came in, and Luxy had partied up with Roshii and Souglyy to help them.  Luxygaga stepped in and Shab killed her.  A chorus of "you meanies!" and "I can't believe you killed Luxy!" sang out, but I wasn't really there to kill my friends, I was itching to fight some alliance or other hordies who weren't my friends for the trinket.  But nobody showed up.  So I looted the chest, and did the sneaky thing Luxy told me to do, which was to leave one item in the chest behind so the chest would still be in the arena.  Never knew you could do that.  So that was that, I was building on my collection.

After that I was encouraged.  I stayed up late to get the 2am one.  Aza was on one time the next day!  He had the same mentality as me - I had been camping that thing when it was hard to get, I was going to fight anyone to get mine!  He happily stood around waiting for people to fight, but unfortunately it didn't spawn for him at the time.  And then, after Tuesday's reset, the spawn times went back to normal and I could loot properly again.  I was obsessed - I logged in at work at the right times to loot the chest!  In fact, sometimes I was so lucky, it had spawned for 5 minutes and I STILL got the chest!

I became a maniac.  I would be looking at the clock constantly to see if it was time, and trying to figure out what excuse I could make to get online for a few minutes to loot the chest.  Perhaps, I could feign a toilet break, though taking my laptop to the toilet looks a bit dodgy.  Somehow, I managed to sneak them on at the right times, guess I was lucky!  I stayed up till 2am trying to get one, but my son woke up and I went to put him back to bed and I fell asleep and woke up at 330am, and cursed myself for missing it.

Souglyy managed to snag the trinket at 6pm on Wednesday, and the Duelist achievement.  I asked Roshii to get it on Thursday when I couldn't, and for some reason he didn't want to.  Weird!

On Friday, I got the 6am trinket, and I logged in again at 9am and midday to get the trinkets while at work.  Luxy was there every time to keep an eye out for me.  I finished work at 2pm and was driving to my sister's house and I was looking at the time.  I even considered PULLING OVER and logging into WoW on my laptop to get on at 3pm.  However, I was saved from doing that because I got to my house at 2:55pm and I rushed in, logged on, and ran to get the trinket.  This time there was an alliance rogue there whom would probably have killed me if Luxygaga hadn't been there with me and we got rid of him.  One more trinket to go!

6pm came around and I logged in again, it was the last one I needed.  I was pretty excited.  I decided to take a less menacing look and used Blingtron so I looked like a gentle little human female.. except that I've got the current season staff on... Luxy took on the big tauren look so she could scare people.  But, there was nobody there to fight with and I nabbed my trinket.

So then I had all my trinkets... except silly me didn't check my bags properly before I took this picture... err, spot the mistake...

I handed in my 12 trinkets and I got my achievement :)

The Master pit Fighter trinket is no longer useful to me as a 90, but I'm too sentimental to throw it away. But there you go - it's a good time to go get this achievement done, especially if you're not spoiling for a fight because most of the time you won't get one.  Though, Darkmoon Faire is nearly over, so maybe NOT a good time right now... but next Darkmoon Faire, why don't you give it a try?

A big thank you to Sev, Shab and Aza who helped me PvP in the early days trying to get that trinket (but being overwhelmed by sheer numbers).  Thanks also to Luxy who helped me camp all week, and also to Roshii and Souglyy who so graciously didn't fight me for it!  Love you guys!


  1. LoL that Flying Tiger Gourami is almost the right shape -- it's the wrong colors that give it away!

    Grats on your achievement and big cheers for your friends who helped you get it!

  2. Such a relief to get all of that bag space back huh?! :D

    1. Sure is! But... I still keep the outdated final trinkets...

  3. Gratz on the achieve!
    I will check out the darkmoon faire next month and try this too. I have only gotten one so far! I'll make sure I bring the hubby along for backup :)

    1. You should definitely try it Pando, because you and hubby should both be able to get that achievement in one DMF!


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