Thursday raiding - The Frog(ger) and the Empress

So we went to have a look at this second boss, and I had been warned about the trash beforehand - Epic Frogger was what I had heard!  And yes there was lots of dodging and running involved and getting punted off the bridge...

Damn it, they're phased!  Can't see them!  They're there, I swear!  Wait wait, I see one on the right floating!
See those ripply things on the ground?  That's wind! They try to push you off the side and so you have to run against the grain.  and then there are ghosts floating around with blue columns under them which you have to avoid - they knock you back!  I found that out the fun way... but I can't see any of them in this picture.

I should have been smarter with my symbiosis here.  I should have given it to a warlock so that if I get knocked off I could teleport back!  But I had done it to Bish so I could have life grip - not that I used it at all.  I also used Wild

Anyway, after that epic trash, we killed the storm dude at the end and we could mount up again, yay!  But then the boss has this OMG constant trash which kept us quite busy and we decided to give it up in the last half hour of the raid.

Off we went to Empress to see what it was like after the nerf... and wow, it was heaps easier after a 10% nerf.  Which you would expect.   We did it with 3 healers and after our 3rd go, we got it.  Woo!  Healbot needed some tweaking to make the debuffs show, but once they showed, dispelling fears was a breeze.  And, Aza's imp helped heaps with his dispells!  Great for when me and Lushnek were both feared.

Chest of the Shadowy Vanquisher and Leggings of Shadow Infestation dropped.  But nobody wanted the Tier chest!  I  could use to make my 4 set bonus, but I have upgraded my crafted chest, so that's not gonna be so great.  I think I'll use it for my tank set!  Raked and Lushnek didn't want it so it was all mine!

So... Terrace anyone? :D


  1. Ooooh I forgot about my imp's ability!

    That might be useful . . .

    Grats on your Empress kill! :D

    1. We were trying to use it for 2nd boss in throne too. I think it helped...

  2. Well done Frostwolves!

    1. Thank you Luxy! Now maybe I can get back to some pet battles...

  3. I have a few ideas what might make Horridon easier, but I think they might have made another Halfus (designed for 25m, then didn't reduce the amount of shit going on in 10m).

    We'll also need to have some misdirect/tricks of the trade to pick up all those adds. Having all 3 of those players sitting out last night didn't help, and having 2 multi-dotters probably didnt' help. The general advice I've been getting is that you need to focus down the dangerous ones, not ae.

  4. Grats on killing the Empress! Go Go Go Terrace!

  5. wish someone told me about empress, grats :(


  6. I'm sorry Rosh, wish you and Souglyy could have been there. :(


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