Navispam - Shawndra of many names

Shawndra is someone I started reading after seeing her frequently commenting on Cymre's blog.  You know how it is - you see an interesting comment and it makes you curious about the person, and nosing around I started reading her blog, Escapist Scrawl.  I found that I liked reading her adventures, because they were so similar to my own, and I tend to gravitate towards those who love the vast experience that WoW has to offer.

Shawndra goes by many names, and confuses me more when she started using Jeni when commenting on my blog instead of Shawndra - for a while I did think it was a different person LOL!

I had a huge squeee for her because she was recently on Twisted Nether Blogcast - I know what it's like when you get that email from Hydra... it's like you've won the lottery or something!

Even then, I had been trying to find her online for a long time - the stealthy thing just wasn't working!  So, I finally gave in and sent her an in game mail to let her know I was bummed I hadn't managed to catch her yet. And then, I saw on her blog she moved servers, and I thought oh no, my mail!  But perhaps fortune favoured her move because she not only went to somewhere she seemed happier, there were casual raids and achievements to be had - AND I finally managed to track her down!  We had exchanged battletags but the times I saw her I wasn't free, or she wasn't.

So today, when I saw her, I jumped at the chance to visit.

I couldn't stay long - middle of the morning meant kids running crazy.  But we chatted about being on TNB...
"What did you do when you found out you were going to be on TNB?"
"I shrieked!  My hubby looked at me like I was crazy :)  I never thought they'd find my little corner of the interweb."
And about her new server...
"My girlfriend's guild has some great fun people.  Running low level content is still fun, since I missed a lot of it."
I was lucky!  Not a single creature tried to kill me or attack me.  Perhaps Delgada is so scary she keeps all those low level beasties away.

Sometimes it's a bit weird meeting in the pixel.  Especially when we chat via blogs and on battletag a little.  I teased her a little - she's famous now!  She laughed and said her kids don't believe it for a minute, but her autograph might be worth a penny more than it was before!

But!  I'm glad I dropped by.  At least we're the same faction.  If our times every did cross, perhaps I could join them for some Xrealm raiding fun.  Thanks for letting me visit you Shawndra!


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