My week in raiding, PvP and other revelations

Sunday we had no Raked, so we decided to just start the instance again and use Raked's save to extend for Monday.  We had lots of internet problems.  Roshii, Aza, Fue and Falln all had episodes of blah internet which made for a difficult raid.  Couldn't even get Garalon down :(

Monday wasn't much better, as Fue managed to get himself banned again - this time it was because I had sent him 15k gold for the Relic of Chi-ji for Soultouched and somehow that earned him a ban???  So no Fue tanking for Empress and had Falln and with our usual internet gremlins we struggled through - got to phase 3 but man you gotta be quick on those fear dispels because you run really fast across the room and die.  Healing, even with me and Bish and Lush offspec and Moo on his shaman was heavy but doable, but it is still a challenge and it makes me wish we had 3 full healers to make it just that much smoother.  But I hear it's patch day, arena season has ended, and I was sick to death of that insect queen bitch that I wanted to go smack some alliance heads.

So Sev and Shab went with me but the games were frustrating.  We just lost an EOTS from a single flag cap - if we had killed the EFC we probably would have won it as we were only ahead by 15 points or so.  But it didn't happen but it was a challenging game.  Then we went up against a Caelstrasz premade which started out ok with an amazing battle at waterworks and we held our own for a fair bit, but after that, I think everyone got disheartened and we lost 3-0.  I was about to log when Thunderspank appeared online - he had been on holidays - and I said, OK, one more game with one of my dear PvP friends.  Sev and Shab were up for one more and that EOTS went a lot better, with a win.  Yay, now I could sleep after going out on a win.  I told you Thunder was a good luck charm :)

It was an interesting week in PvP for me.  On Sunday, I decided to go try and do the PvP part of my legendary quest - I hadn't been very concerned with it because Temple and Mines are easy wins when I'm playing with Shab and Sev.  However, queuing on my own SUCKS.  Though I can run around healing everyone who is holding an orb, nobody has the same consideration for me.. I MEAN COME ON IF I'M HEALING MY GUTS OUT ON YOU do you think you could shoot this rogue who is hitting me when you've got your awesome DPS boost buff?  No?  Well fine, I die you die buddy.  I had 2 BGs being the only healer which meant I was being gunned for a lot and rogues just pinned me down constantly with their warrior friends.  Pricks.  Mines at least was more fun and I easily got my win.
Then Hwired was on and exclaimed "PvPing without me?" and I immediately dragged him in and that Temple was a zillion times better.  Having someone to watch and run to saved my ass heaps.  I even got to carry the ball a few times, and got Can't Stop Won't Stop.  So that got Temple done, meaning I finished my Chapter II, Wrathion's War.

Step back a few days to Friday PvP day.  Arenas were shit.  I suspect that may be because the season is ending and people were trying to farm their rating so we had some tough teams.  We decided to do some BGs after, and Aza and Hwired came along.  What was amusing was that Aza says he HATES mines.  I couldn't understand why but when I realised how he played, I knew why. Aza is a O(ffence) not D(efence).  I play a lot of D especially for Arathi Basin and for Gilneas so I quite enjoy mines.  But I can see how frustrating it is for him, because he hates waiting with the cart till it caps.  His loss ratio for mines is very high, whereas mine is the opposite (Shab and Sev have ratios more like mine).  It wasn't a great night for conquest, because I couldn't cap - way off in fact - but at least I got my PvP fix, even if there was lots of swearing.

I tried to tackle Brawler's again and have come to the conclusion that as a tank, I will not be able to get past rank 2.  I am hitting the enrage all the time on Fran and Riddoh and that's not going to get any better for me.  I guess I will have to take a serious look at DPSing.  But cat vs boomkin?  Sigh.  Neither prospect appeals to me.  I have no DPS caster trinkets!  And I dislike melee.  I will make it one of my things to do in 5.2.


  1. I'm sorry I missed all the is definitely better with friends. Pity I won't be around for the rest of the month though, I can't patch 5.2 or I'll run out of internet. :(

    Moonkin Brawler's, well, it is really tough and very gear dependent. I'm on the last rank 6 fight, and it is freaking insane. All the moonkin on the forums who have made it to rank 8 have been up around 500 geared so yeah, good luck. On the other hand, if you have gear for both cat and moonkin it might be easier since some fights are better for ranged and some are better for melee.

    1. You are always out of net!

    2. I know, it sucks! I only have a 7.5GB allowance, and once I update various programs I am usually left with not much...I'm just lucky that WoW doesn't use that much to actually play or I'd not be able to continue at all. Once I am out of this student accommodation I will be fine, but that probably won't be until next year. :(

  2. I have been banned for sending/trading gold to friends a few times! Each time I called them and they removed the ban but I still missed raids on those occasions. So annoying!

    1. I will never have that problem... who has that much gold? Lol


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